What affects the aging of your skin?


Age-related changes are a natural process that takes place for each person differently. Scientists claim that you can slow down aging and delay the appearance of external changes. Although, cosmetologists say that you need to start aging prevention when you are young.

Signs of aging:

  • dry skin,
  • tarnished appearance,
  • the appearance of wrinkles and folds,
  • wide pores,
  • dark spots.

Also, external changes can appear prematurely for many reasons.
Influence of the environment.
Your skin is negatively affected by the sun and rain, wind, or frost daily. The skin barrier fails to defend itself that leads to signs of aging. Therefore, you should use cosmetic products depending on the weather and conditions in which you live.
Physical activity.
A sedentary lifestyle reduces the production of collagen, which is necessary to maintain skin firmness and wrinkle-free skin.
If you want beautiful skin, you should exercise every day at a slow pace. Exercising too intensely can drain your skin.
Smoking and alcohol.
These are enemies not only of your health but also of your beauty. These bad habits destroy collagen and disrupt blood circulation. As a result, your skin does not receive the required amount of oxygen and nutrients. Alcohol and nicotine destroy vitamins in the body, which negatively affects the condition of the skin.

Each of you has a unique movement of your facial muscles. You frown, smile, get angry. At this moment, your muscles react to your emotions, and wrinkles appear in these places. It does not mean that you have to stop smiling, just control your facial expressions whenever you want.
Hormonal changes.
Hormones are the foundation of your health. Impaired hormone production negatively affects your health, including your skin. Violation of metabolic processes leads to a violation of the assimilation of useful substances. As a result, your organs are not getting minerals and vitamins. Fortunately, modern medicine offers the use of special hormonal drugs that will help you get rid of hormonal disorders.
Cosmetologists recommend using safe methods to slow down the aging of your body, namely:

  • improve the way of life,
  • drink water,
  • use high-quality cosmetics,
  • eat healthy food,
  • reduce stress levels,
  • workout.

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