What is better for losing weight – diet or sport?


During the process of weight loss, people are divided into two categories. Some want to lose weight without food restrictions, while others without exercise. People who do not want to go to the gym and take sports up, limit their nutrition, and use a strict diet. Sometimes this leads to health problems, as they eat an insufficient amount of needed ingredients. The body becomes thinner, and pounds go away, but the quality of muscles and skin is significantly reduced. The body does not look very attractive. The best solution for high-quality and quick weight loss is to create a calorie deficit. You can achieve this with the right diet and physical activity.

Trainers and experts argue that a calorie deficit is the only right option for losing weight. If you eat without restrictions, then no physical activity will help you lose weight.

Therefore, use both ways to reduce weight – diet, and sports.

Why you need to take sports up.

With weight loss without exercise, you can lose muscle mass rather than fat. Using physical activity you build muscle, and your body loses fat. The results of many studies have shown that weight loss due to loss of muscle mass negatively affected the condition of the body, and the weight returns. By developing muscle, you help your body burn fat. Also, exercise helps increase metabolism, and you lose weight faster.

You must have the correct percentage of fat and muscle. Only in this case will your body look beautiful.

Be careful, because during training you lose a lot of energy, and afterward your appetite may increase. Therefore, do not listen to your body and do not overeat. Observe calories deficiency regimen. If you give your body extra calories all your efforts will be in vain.

Why do you need a diet?

Many people overestimate the effect of sports on weight loss. They think that if they train a lot, they can eat everything when they want to. This trap is counterproductive, and your weight may increase. Thanks to the training, your muscles grow under a thick layer of fat, and you get extra kilos. Also, after a workout, you want to eat something fatty, and this also leads to weight gain. Therefore, control the number of calories you consume during the day. Please note that a healthy diet should be a source of calories. Even if you eat fast food and other unhealthy ones all day as part of your calories, this will lead to a set of fat. And you do not need it in large quantities.

To summarize, we can confidently say that for weight loss you should maintain a balance in everything. Stick to the correct regimen and be patient. Healthier weight loss is slow, but the result lasts a long time.

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