When does youth end?


The desire to be young and energetic forever has existed for many centuries. People have been trying to find a recipe for youth for centuries. Modern scientists claim that human life resource is 150-180 years old, but due to many factors, this resource is emitted faster several times. Nevertheless, scientists continue to search for methods of prolonging youth. Thanks to their research, it is easier to maintain beauty and health nowadays than ever before.

At the same time, scientists argue that youth is a state of your energy, activity, and love of life. Wrinkles and gray hair are not a sign of old age. Many people believe that reaching 35 years is a sign of aging and that their life is already ending. Scientists refute this opinion and are sure that youth ends with your decision.

Many people believe that their youth ended at 35-40 years old because they reached the peak of their career, started a family, and do not see any prospects for development. Boredom is the main enemy of youth.

Also, many people are afraid to change something at this age and justify their actions by age. They call themselves old, although they are not.

Some of you may disprove this theory and say that after 35 years old, health deteriorates, and you cannot do what you did at 20 years. Old age is not to blame for this, but your lifestyle. Improper diet, lack of physical activity, and chronic stress take your health away.

The quality of life improves after turning 40, and you can enjoy life more than people at 20, who are under a lot of stress and anxiety about their living arrangements. After turning 40 years, you have a stable income, know your desires, can make decisions easily, and have learned how to cope with stressful situations and not pay attention to many small things.

It is worth noting that the standard of modern life has increased significantly compared to the standard of living several decades ago. Life expectancy has increased significantly. Also, the development of technology and the economy allows people to develop in any area of life, which makes them feel young.

As statistics show, in the middle of the last century, people built a career, married, and made important decisions until they were 25 years old. But in the 21st century, young people are in no hurry to grow up, and the peak of their career growth falls at 35-40 years old. At the same time, many 30-year-olds are in no hurry to married and prefer to live with their parents, believing that they are not ready for changes in their lives and responsibilities.

In this regard, life after 35 is just beginning to acquire the desired shades.

If you are interested in youth culture, fashion, your date of birth does not determine your age. You may have met people who are over 60 years old, but at the same time, they have an amazing level of energy that energizes everyone around. They know the news in the development of technology, are cheerful, energetic, and easy-going. Such people cannot be called striking. And sometimes, 20-year-olds have a low energy level, are uninterested in anything, and angry all time.

Also, scientists draw your attention to the fact that the level of sexual activity is a sign of health and youth. As medical statistics show, women at the age of 45 reach the peak of their sexuality. Thanks to medicine, you can prolong your sexual activity with the right lifestyle and medications. In modern society, no one will be surprised if people 60-70 years old create a couple with partners younger than them for several decades.

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