Why an avocado is necessary for our body?


Do you like an avocado? If you do not include this fruit in your diet, then you are making a big mistake. One study found daily eating an avocado intake significantly lowers bad cholesterol. The experiment was attended by 45 people who were divided into three groups. One group used a low-calorie diet, a second and third high-fat diet. Fat came to them from an avocado or nuts. It should be noted that the caloric content of the diet of the three groups was the same. Participants in the experiment used the diet for five weeks. After the end of the time, it turned out that people who ate an avocado had lower cholesterol. This effect is due to the phytosterols found in an avocado. Half an avocado contains 57 mg of phytosterol. No fruit has such an indicator.


At the same time, the study participants adhered to the principles of a healthy diet. But, twice a day they added half the avocado to the main dishes. You can add this fruit to salads, make it toast or sandwiches. It’s very good to cook two eggs for breakfast, cut half an avocado, and add some vegetables. You get a healthy nutritious breakfast.

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