Jealousy: how to learn to trust a partner.


The relationship between people is a complex process that can sometimes cause negative emotions despite love. Even if you respect and trust each other, you are not immune from jealousy. Very often one of the partners is jealous, and it brings suffering to both partners. If both partners are jealous, then such a relationship can bring a lot of pain and frustration. Also, often jealousy arises about the success of another person, friends, or parents.

As a rule, jealousy occurs in people who are not confident in themselves, and who are afraid to lose a partner.

In this case, jealousy can manifest itself as aggression, resentment, sadness, or anger.

Each person is jealous in his unique way. Someone hides their feelings and plunges into negative emotions, some blame their partner or others and show aggression towards them, someone is sad, and someone is crying.

No matter how jealous you are, it breaks your relationship and can trigger depression.

Psychologists say that jealousy can be controlled like any emotion. You will need just have the desire to get rid of it and be patient.

Psychologists recommend using several methods that will help to cope with jealousy and become free from it.

Find the source of jealousy.
When you start to be jealous, ask yourself why you are experiencing this emotion. What makes you suffer? Who is the source of your experiences? Perhaps this is a fear that someone will forget about you, or you will not get enough attention, maybe you distrust your partner or you cannot get over that someone enjoys life without you. When you understand what you are afraid of, you can eliminate the cause of these emotions.

An honest conversation with a partner.
Once you understand what makes you jealous, you should honestly talk with your partner about your experiences. In most cases, people do not perceive the situation correctly and suffer from it. If you had experience in a relationship in which you were betrayed, then you will expect betrayal from a new partner. Talk to him/her about this, maybe he/she can convince you otherwise and dispel your doubts and fears.

Choose the right time to talk.
Your suspicions and distrust can hurt your partner’s feelings. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that his reaction will be stormy. Try to keep the conversation calm and not blame the partner, but simply express your emotions. Psychologists do not recommend have a hard conversation before bedtime. Choose a time when both of you will have time for a serious conversation.

You must explain to your partner clearly that his behavior makes you jealous. Perhaps this is normal behavior for him/her, and he/she is not trying to harm you.

Talk to a friend or psychologist.
Often people experience jealousy without reason. The desire for total control makes them live in constant fear that they may not know something about their partner. Constant conversations with a partner can irritate the partner, and your relationship will deteriorate. In this case, you need to talk with a person whom you trust, and who can tell you the truth about the real situation. A good option to get rid of groundless jealousy is a session with a psychologist.

Increase your self-esteem.
As a rule, people who are jealous constantly and without reason have low self-esteem. They are afraid to be left alone, they think that nobody needs them, they sure that the meaning of their life is their partners. This is a destructive path that will lead you to an unhappy life. Therefore, if you are tired of your jealousy, start paying attention to yourself and forget about your partner for a while. Improve your self-esteem. You must understand that you are a unique person and that even if you go without a partner, it’s not a problem, it is the opportunity to enjoy life and do what you want. Live your life and your partner will want to be near you. Also, you should understand that a partner is not your property or a toy. Respect his/her life too.

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