Why is vitamin B12 deficiency dangerous?


A monotonous and unhealthy diet leads to a deficiency of minerals and vitamins in your body. As a rule, this leads to the appearance of various diseases. For example, vitamin B12 deficiency is a common deficiency in modern society. People don’t eat enough quality foods that contain vitamin B12. At the same time, this vitamin must enter your body every day because it cannot accumulate.

The role of B12 in shaping your health:

  • reduces the level of fatigue,
  • supports the health of nerve and blood cells.

The main symptom of a deficiency of this vitamin is a sharp pain or tingling in the hands and feet. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a debilitating condition that can appear at any age, although older people suffer from it more often.

A lack of B12 leads to anemia. Your cells don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients, which leads to disease.
If you notice symptoms of B12 deficiency, you should see your doctor, who will prescribe medication for you.

These can be pills or injections. Also, you should pay attention to your diet. Plant-based foods cannot provide you with your daily need for vitamin B12. Therefore, you should not give up meat, especially beef, chicken, and fish. Eggs should be in your diet several times a week.

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