Quick Bodyweight Workouts to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym


New year, new reasons to hit the gym and use all the equipment its weight room has to offer. But good news if you’re looking to sidestep the resolution crowd (or just looking to mix things up): Workouts with no gear at all are a valuable tool to add to your arsenal—no matter what fitness goal you’re going for. “Bodyweight workouts don’t get enough credit,” says strength and nutrition coach Adam Rosante. “They’re incredibly effective for achieving a wide variety of goals, from strength and performance to weight loss and rehab.”

Bonus: You can do them anytime, anywhere, for free. That means you’ve got no excuse to blow off one of the workouts below even if you’re holed up at home, stuck in a hotel, or burning the midnight oil in your office (if you’ve got a door to close, anyway).

These bodyweight workouts, designed by Rosante and Aaron de Jong, personal trainer and founder of Movement 108 in Vancouver and creator of the app Movr, are all made up of super-effective, minimal moves. And they each take about 20 minutes or less. Do one for a quick workout or combine a couple to get closer to ticking off two goals at once.

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