Why rock climbing becomes especially popular among urban residents?


Over the past few years, climbing gyms have grown like mushrooms in different cities. If we compare the number of rock climbing gyms in the United States in 2010 with the number in 2020, we can see their number is doubled. In 2020, several new rock climbing gyms are opened, and there will be about 600 of them. Rock climbing becomes especially popular among urban residents. This is a great alternative to gyms where you can develop strength and endurance. Urbanization deprives people of the necessary physical activity. Not every office worker can take a week or two to go to the mountains and go mountain climbing. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the spirit of adventurism does not live in them. Therefore, they go to rock climbing gyms and receive the necessary dose of adrenaline.

In addition to therock climbing wall, the new gyms offer other services for a complete immersion in the world of fitness and relaxation. You can use the services of a yoga studio, sauna, massage room, cafe. Thanks to the atmosphere prevailing in these gyms, you will receive a charge of vivacity for the entire working week.

If you are a fan of spending time outside the city but do not have such an opportunity to travel often, so rock climbing gyms will give you the feeling that you are far from the bustle of the city. In this case, you do not have to go far all within the city.

We are closely connected with nature. It is our natural need to be in nature, to climb mountains, to go camping and sleep in tents, to ski. All these activities give us a sense of life and freedom. Nevertheless, only rock climbing is available in the city. Therefore, if you need to prove yourself, to feel alive, visit the rock climbing gym.

Take your sports shoes and go to the climbing gym. You can choose one of the proposed by us.

Central Rock Gym in downtown Boston offers a great climbing wall. If you want to diversify your workout there you can visit a yoga class or fitness center. The gym is located in a beautiful part of the city, so additionally you get a beautiful view of the city streets.

The Cliffs at Callowhill , Philadelphia, PA
The Cliffs have established as one of the best gyms in New York and now have moved to Philadelphia. There you can find a variety of walls for both beginners and high-speed workouts. After you spend all your strength on conquering the wall, in this gym you can restore your strength in the sauna. If you do not want to climb the wall, you can take out another type of training in the fitness center.

Sequence Climbing in Kansas City.
In Sequence Climbing, you can not only workout but also have fun. Various events are often held there. If you are tired and want to sit in a quiet secluded place, then you will also find it this gym. Come and see it.

The Spot in Denver.
If you live in Denver, then you are lucky. You have an incredible opportunity to visit The Spot. You can train on high-quality climbing walls, and on weekends spend time with a glass of beer with friends and enjoy the music. And all this is provided to you by The Spot, it will become your favorite place both on weekends and on weekdays.

Long Beach Rising in Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Rising will delight you with not only a variety of cool climbing walls, a fitness center or sauna. Having come to this gym, you seem to find yourself in the ancient world. Many arches, majestic columns fill the entire building in the style of Spanish Baroque.

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