Your libido level depends on your diet.


If you notice that your wish to have sex has significantly decreased,  perhaps your food needs your attention. You may be in doubt that nutrition can affect libido. But, scientists have proven that food choices affect all areas of your life.

So if you or your partner don’t want physical intimacy, start eating foods that are high in nutrients.

Although food is only one of the factors in reducing libido levels. Stress, hormonal dysfunction, and mental health problems can cause sexual health problems. However, the effect of food on libido is too great to ignore.

If your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, it cannot expend energy on sex. It tries to keep its life.

The foods you eat throughout the day affect your well-being, energy levels, brain function, and all of your body’s systems. However, even if you follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, you may be deficient in vitamins and minerals. It leads to disruption of the hormonal system and the level of sex hormones decreases. Nutrient deficiencies can be caused by the indigestibility of food or a monotonous menu. If you eat the same food every day, you may not be getting all the nutrients you need. Therefore, if you want to have sex for years to come, you should include certain nutrients in your diet.

You should be consuming nutrients such as:

  1. Iron, which is found in the liver, wheat bran, legumes, and peanuts.
  2. Vitamin B, which you get by eating salmon, seeds, and walnuts
  3. Zinc, which is found in pumpkin seeds, meat, eggs, yogurt.

Also, you need to exclude certain foods from your diet or reduce the percentage of their consumption.

Nutritionists insist that foods such as refined sugar, soda, chips or chips, trans fats, and low-quality oils lead to problems in sex life.

By choosing high-quality and healthy products, you prolong the work of all systems of your body, including the sexual one. Decreased libido can be due to a serious medical condition, so you should see your doctor.

Also, stick to your sleep and physical activity. You should not forget that the main condition for a happy and long life is enjoying everything surround you. If you eat varied and healthy food, play any kind of sport, and try to get rid of chronic stress, your sexual health will be at a high level for many years.

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