Use self-isolation to strengthen relationships.


During self-isolation , most of us have the opportunity to look at our lives from the side. We can devote more time to health, books, films and family members. It may turn out that spending time with your relatives the whole day is hard. Tension arises, old grievances and pretensions open. To reduce this tension, try taking the time to develop and improve your relationship.

Using the Internet, sign up for an online appointment with a psychologist, join courses, listen to the coach’s advice, or read a book about rules of relationships.

At the beginning of your development path, you will have a feeling of denial. Everything that professionals will tell you can open your soul wounds. To make this process go smoothly and safely, listen to our recommendations.

Do not hide your feelings.
In relationships with people, we experience different feelings. Unfortunately, most of us, in order not to destroy relations, try to hide our negative feelings so as not to offend another person. This leads to the accumulation of irritation and anger. This can lead to strained relationships and health problems. To avoid these problems, you need to express your emotions and tell your partner what you feel. Do not be afraid of serious conversations. It is easier for a partner to understand you if you clearly state what you think.

Relationships are work.
We often think that for a good relationship it is enough to find the right partner, after which you can relax. Such thoughts are not correct. The truth is that even in perfect relationships, there are litters and conflicts. Therefore, we need to focus on listening to a partner, express our emotions and learn how to respond to conflicts properly. To do this, you need to get rid of the illusion that somewhere there is an ideal partner with whom you can live without conflicts. To maintain a relationship, learn how to discuss problems and get out of conflict correctly. Both partners should understand that they are personally responsible for the relationship.

Be partners.
To be confident in yourself, to solve your problems on your own and to bear responsibility for your life is very good and right. Nevertheless, we are all human, and sometimes we get tired of duties and problems. Ignoring our fatigue, we continue to decide everything ourselves without outside help. This leads to stress and irritation. As a result, we do not have the strength for relationships, our partner begins to annoy us and we begin to scream. This can be avoided by asking your partner for help. It is okay to help each other. Nevertheless, we must talk about it out loud. The partner may not notice that you have taken too many responsibilities and are not doing well. He or she also has his problems and is busy solving them. When you ask for help, he or she will help you. If you are asked for help, try to do everything in your power. Mutual help and support strengthen relationships.

You need to know what kind of relationship you want to have.
To reach your destination, you must know clearly where this point is and how it looks. This also applies to relationships. If you do not know what you want, you will not be able to build relationships that will please you. Based on your life experience, determine what is important for you in a relationship, what qualities your partner should have, what his life values should coincide with yours. Passion subsides over the years, and if the partners have nothing in common than their life together becomes unbearable.

Think about your partner.
During the day, we are all busy with work, solving problems, talking with friends and colleagues. How often do you think about your partner during the day? I am not talking about those minutes when you took two minutes to a telephone conversation about household issues. Scientists argue that if you spend five minutes a day thinking about your partner, it strengthens the love and causes positive emotions. Imagine what he or she looks like; focus on the details that you love most in your partner. Over time, you will notice how you begin to value your partner and show more love for him or her. People tend to notice and remember only the negative qualities of a partner, but this is a destructive path. Therefore, think about your partner only positively and never complain about the partner to your friends. Solve problems inside a couple.

Respect the desires of your partner.
Respect and understand your partner’s desires. Do not violate his boundaries; do not impose your vision of the world. We are all different and each has its truth. If your partner prefers to spend evenings at home with a book, then you should not force him to attend noisy parties every weekend. Arrange with him that you go to parties without him sometimes.
If he or she respects you, then he or she will understand your desires and let you go to meet friends. Find solutions that will fully satisfy both of you. No one should sacrifice his or her desires; this will lead to break up.

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