32 Best Grocery Store Beers


You can certainly spend a Saturday evening with friends waiting in line at the latest brewery for some limited-edition, double-IPA deliciousness. Or maybe you’d rather sleep off last night, wake whenever you please, and grab your next liquid feast at your local supermarket or bodega. The best grocery store beers are widely available, giving everyday consumers the chance to buy truly excellent brews practically everywhere.

We focused on beers distributed in at least 25 states. The beers, broken down by style, can be found in Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Wegmans, and wherever else beer is sold (think 711, gas stations, and bodegas everywhere from Tampa to Temecula).

While there’s no specific style that makes a brew a “grocery store beer,” they’re usually lighter (although not always) and reasonably affordable (some downright cheap). You can grab a six- or 12-pack while shopping for groceries—or strictly running in for a beer run.

You’ll find pale ales, IPAs, stouts, and pretty much any mainstream beer style, but lagers are the most ubiquitous.

But like anything, not all grocery store beers are created equal. Some are cheap for a reason and should be avoided—unless you prefer your beer to taste like yellow, fizzy water. To help you out, we highlighted 32 beers across a multitude of styles so you can shop with confidence no matter your preference and no matter the season.

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