Burn fat with a safe workout.


Everyone already knows that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective for burning fat. Many have already experienced the effect of such training on themselves. If you are already a little younger than 30 then you might notice that during the load your joints, knees or lower back begin to hurt. Therefore, you should be wary of training with a high level of impact on the joints. This does not mean that you should give up HIIT to maintain your knees and lower back. To do this, just replace the workout with a high-intensity HIIT workout with a low-impact workout (HILIT).

There is appeared a new fitness class Rowgatta in New York. Everyone, who comes here, can try high-intensity training with a low level of exposure. According to Kenny Rosenzweig, co-founder of NASM-CPT, HILIT provides fat burning, helps to lose weight and improves metabolism. Despite the high cardio load, this workout does not harm the joints. Using the HILIT system, you protect your body from traumatic and give it a chance to serve you for a long time and with quality.

The most common exercises in high-intensity workouts are burpees or box jumps. They have a very good effect on fat loss, but at the same time injure your knees. Therefore, if you have problems with the joints, then you better avoid these controls. Instead, pay attention to the ski erg, pilates reformer, and resistance bike simulators, which will provide you with a good study of all the muscles in an intensive mode without destroying the joints.

If you have chosen a rower simulator, then during training, try to push well with your legs and work with your hands. During this exercise, the main thing is to properly distribute the strength of your body and do not try to develop speed.

If you are unable to attend school in New York, you can do it yourself at home.

You can alternate cal row with air squats or push-ups. Or do only cal Row, but take small breaks between sets. For example, do 30 cal Row, then rest for 30 seconds, then 50 cal Row and rest for 1 minute. Increasing the amount of cal Row you should increase the rest time. And when you reach 90 cal Row and rest for 3 minutes, you can finish the workout. It will take about 20 minutes.

Choose just safe exercises that improve your health and bring joy.

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