Signs of self-dislike that keep you from being happy.


Self-love manifests itself differently in each person. Many people think that indecision and modesty are signs of self-dislike. Even successful people can live in the hell they have created in their heads.

A person’s success is not yet an indicator of love. Sometimes, high, unattainable goals are a sign of self-doubt and rejection. Such people try to prove to the whole world that they can do something and are worthy of love. But, love begins inside you. If you accept yourself as you are, with all your shortcomings, the world will respond in kind to you.
Even if you try to show love and care for yourself with unnecessary purchases, sweets, and so on, it will not help you solve the problem. You need to find out why you do not accept yourself when it happened and then find a way to solve this problem.

Psychologists can name the most common signs that say that you feel dislike for yourself.

Buying unnecessary cheap things.
Rational use of money is a skill of rich and successful people. If you spend most of your money on the purchase of various junk that is in your home and is not used, it speaks of dislike for yourself. You try to drown out this feeling with a momentary joy, but this only makes the situation worse.
Also, if you can afford to buy a quality item, but you think that cheap items are enough for you, this is also a manifestation of dislike. As a rule, such people are ready to give the last cent to others but save on themselves.

People who have an eating disorder tend to have low self-esteem and do not accept themselves as they are. They can mock their body. Moreover, they can both starve and transmit. People who love and take care of themselves eat healthy, delicious food when they are physically hungry. They know how to distinguish hunger from emotional dependence on food. Therefore, if you are overweight and have tried many diets that have not brought results, you should deal with your inner world and solve psychological problems.
A person who respects himself will not harm his body by thoughtlessly consuming junk food in huge quantities.

Fear of attention.
As a rule, people who do not like themselves do not notice their desires. They are afraid to play their abilities so as not to attract attention. They may doubt their words, knowledge, beauty, and so on. They do not allow themselves to relax and enjoy life. Because if they become bright and happy people, it will attract the attention of other people. They are afraid to step into an argument and prove their point of view, even if they are sure that they are right.

Lack of discipline.
In today’s world, each of you is surrounded by information about self-improvement and teachings about self-love. Many coaches believe that following your desires is a sign of love. Unfortunately, people who do not have contact with their true desires can indulge in bad habits that ruin their lives. Discipline is not rigid limits. It is a rule that helps you achieve the life you want to have. If you want to have a healthier body, you need to eat healthy foods every day and exercise regularly. Your brain will sabotage this process because it is uncomfortable for it. But if you love yourself, you understand what is important for your health and control your emotions and life. If a person loves himself, he will not risk his health and well-being, for the sake of momentary whims that can harm or destroy life.

Tough rules and punishment for breaking them.
If discipline is the path to love, then rigid boundaries are hate. Typically, people set hard limits to punish themselves. They can starve for several days after a portion of ice cream or play sports until exhaustion after an extra kilogram. These are all signs of dislike.
People often confuse limitation with self-care. But if you are experiencing inner discomfort, then this has nothing to do with love. Also, on the other hand, thoughtless adherence to all your every minute weaknesses is a sign of dislike. Therefore, you need to learn to understand yourself and hear your desires, take care of your body and mind. Imagine that you are caring for a small child who will not survive without your right decisions.

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