A few rules on how to keep your shape in winter.


Winter is getting closer, and you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch your favorite TV show. As a rule, you watch the TV with beer or tea with something delicious. This type of relaxation helps you relax, but it hurts your body. Watching TV, you do not control the amount of eaten food, and your kilograms increase. Also, fatty foods occupy the first place in the diet in winter. If you prefer light salads and smoothies in the summer, then in the winter you like meat and salad with a greasy sauce.

Winter is a great time of the year with various holidays. It is your chance to have fun with your friends, and you can save your shape. With just a few simple rules, you can keep it.

As statistics show, the average American gains 0.2% of weight in November and about 0.4% in December. You may think this is a small amount that is not harmful to your body. But, if this happens every year, your weight will become superfluous in a few years. At the same time, you gain this amount of kilograms quickly and easily, but you will need six months to get rid of it.

Also, many of you do not like the cold and try to stay at home as often as possible. Thus, your activity decreases, which leads to weight gain.

You can prevent this from happening by following a few rules.

Regular physical activity.
Cold is not a reason to give up a workout. You can run as before with the right clothing. During running in the cold your body burns more calories. If you’re not into an outdoor workout, use a home workout or gym. During training in the cold, it starts the process of burning brown fat, as it actively participates in the thermoregulation of the body. Even if you just walk for an hour at an air temperature of -10 degrees, your body burns about 200 calories.
Winter allows you to go sledding or skating, playing snowballs, or sledding. These are fun activities that will delight you and improve your shape. Use every opportunity to move.

Use short workouts every day.

If you are very busy and cannot afford a full one-hour workout several times a week, use short home workouts.
You only need to train for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day. Short-term workouts have the same effect as hour-long workouts because your metabolism works all day long. Take time in the morning and evening to pay attention to your body and help it stay healthy.

Prefer homemade food.
Scientists have conducted research and found out what people who have lunch or dinner in a restaurant or cafe overeat. Also, you cannot control the composition of dishes in restaurants and cafes. Eating at home makes it easier for you to calculate the calorie content of meals and avoid overeating.
But, this is not a reason to refuse parties with friends or visit a restaurant on a special occasion. You can use a little trick to help you not overeat. You should eat at home before the party so you can control your urge to eat. At the same time, try to give preference to protein foods or vegetables.

Don’t overeat.
You can count calories or control serving size. Nutritionists argue about the effectiveness of calorie counting, and until they come to a consensus, you can use this method until you understand how much food you need to keep your body healthy. You can also try changing your eating habits. The quality of the food you eat affects your shape as well as the amount you eat. Found a balance between what you eat and what you spend.

All of these tips can help you stay in great physical shape. But, they may not work if you are stressed counting every calorie. Your main task for this winter is to enjoy life with your family, friends, the cold, and snow.

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