Superstar’s workout: Michael B. Jordan appears in great physical shape in the film.


Michael B. Jordan prepares to please his fans in the new film. His preparation for a new role began with work on his physical form. Therefore, fans are looking forward to the appearance of their idol in the action movie “Without Repentance,” directed by Stefano Sollima. The film tells the story of Jordan Clark, who goes through many deadly challenges trying to solve the murder of his wife.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом michael b. jordan workout to Without Remorse,photo

To appear in the film in his best form, Jordan resumed his collaboration with trainer Corey Kalliet, with whom he has already worked several times, including preparations for the film Creed, Black Panther, Creed 2, and Fantastic Four. This time, the trainer developed a special program for the actor, which will help create the character of a strong soldier. Before starting work, the trainer assessed the state of the physical form of the actor and compared them with the requirement of the character of a hero. After that, he realized what he needed to pay attention to first of all and what nutrition should be applied to bring Mike’s body to the necessary form in the shortest possible time.

Jordan’s training plan, the trainer included not only training in the gym, but also clearly described meals, sleep and rest. In the initial stage of preparation, the focus is on high-intensity workouts that develop stamina. Then they added bodybuilding workouts that help develop muscle. After a while, a 12-week military program was added to the main pieces of training, which includes basic military training. Thus, as a result, it turned out that the coach approached the preparation of the actor from different sides and this lead to an excellent result.

According to the trainer, Jordan’s nutrition throughout the training was kept within strict limits. According to the prescribed plan, the actor took food every 2-3 hours, while his workouts were morning and evening. If he wanted to have a snack, he always had almonds, which quickly saturated him and replenished the stock of vegetable protein, which is extremely necessary during intense physical exertion.

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