An Avocado a Day Might Be the Tastiest Way to Boost Your Gut Health


You’ll never mistake them for Tums, but if you’re looking to settle your gut, you might give avocados a try, according to research published in The Journal of Nutrition. In a study of 163 people, those who ate an avocado a day for 12 weeks developed a more robust and diverse gut “microbiome”—a buzzy term for the bacteria in your stomach and colon that impacts everything from better mood to a stronger immune system.


It turns out the bacteria like to feast on the type of fiber found in avocados, helping to soothe your stomach and aid digestion after a meal.

Try incorporating avocado in breakfast (in an omelet), lunch (with a salad) or dinner (atop a burrito bowl). You don’t have to adjust your daily meal plan other than that to boost your gut health.

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