Join the community of sports and a healthy lifestyle.


The coronavirus took away all our ordinary affairs from us, and we cannot meet each other, go to the movies or theaters. It is especially difficult for athletes to be isolated from the sports community and communicating with people on the same wavelength. The workout at home is a good option, but it does not allow you to immerse yourself in a familiar environment that prevails in the gym. Don Saladino, the owner of Drive495 and the coach, decided to help such people and using social networks, created his program so that everyone who wants to continue to take sports up can do it at home. This program includes various types of training such as yoga, training with your own body, high-intensity training. Without leaving your home, you can become a member of this community and continue your habitual lifestyle.

Saladino is sure that most people are now confused, and cannot understand where they go. Realizing this problem, he created a four-week free program to help people maintain their morale. All workouts go live, and everyone can join them. Saladino says the main goal of this program is to make people feel like a member of the community. The physical shape is quite important, but without the right psychological state, it will not bring the desired pleasure.

Saladino recommends this program to children and adolescents, who spend most of their time on self-isolation at computers. Their health is significantly deteriorated by such a regime, and they become vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore, attract your children to the right lifestyle and daily workouts. If they don’t want to train, you can come up with a reward for them that motivates them. This program will help you structure your workouts and give you a sense of organization and control over your life.

The workout does not require additional equipment, but if you want you can buy something on the Internet. Saladino admits that developing this program required him to think creatively. He coped with the task only thanks to his many years of experience. He understands that not all people can engage in large open spaces. Therefore, he was forced to develop training that can be done in tiny apartments.

Saladino agrees that not all workouts can be done at home. Some exercises require additional equipment, which is available only in gyms. But this program gives you a chance to try something new and understand that the world of sports is unlimited. You can test yourself with new exercises that are fundamentally different from exercises in the gym. Performing a daily workout with Saladino, you will understand that home workouts are not inferior to training in the gym in terms of effectiveness.

If you want to join the community of sports and a healthy lifestyle, go to and enjoy your workouts. Do not forget to involve all your family members in workouts, especially your children.

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