Arthritis: symptoms and treatment.


Many young people think that joint disease is an age-related change that occurs in the human body in old age. Doctors say that joint diseases can appear at any age. One of the most common diseases is arthritis, which can develop for many years without announcing itself.

Experts have named three factors, the appearance of which indicates that it is time to see a therapist in connection with body pain.
Doctors say that early diagnosis facilitates treatment. Also, early therapy can stop further, more destructive processes.

Arthritis can manifest itself as painful symptoms, the level of intensity of which depends on the degree of development of the disease. Therefore, you should see your doctor immediately if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. persistent joint pain that lasts for several days,
  2. swelling of the joint,
  3. redness and heat in the joint area.

Very often, pain appears when doing even simple daily tasks. Therefore, arthritis is a disease that disrupts your usual lifestyle and you cannot play sports, do cleaning, play with children, walk, and so on. Any pain is a stress on the nervous system and the cause of irritation. You shouldn’t ignore the symptoms of arthritis and endure the pain. See your doctor on time. Professional treatment can help you get rid of your pain and get back to your normal life.

Your doctor will choose treatment for you, which may include medication like pain relievers. Also, exercise is a prerequisite for effective treatment.

Exercise has many benefits, such as:
• stronger muscles for better joint support;
• flexible joints;
• expansion and support of the range of motion;
• improving overall health and fitness;
• maintaining a healthy weight;
• production of endorphins;
• deep sleep.

Not all sports and physical activity are suitable for treating arthritis. Strength training with heavy weights is not a good option for maintaining joint health, especially during periods of acute inflammation.

Exercises that can be performed for arthritis:

  • light-duty exercises:
  • bicycling;
  • fast walk;
  • yoga;
  • Pilates,
  • stretching,
  • swimming.

Doctors urge you not to self-medicate. Only an expert can make the correct diagnosis and determine the degree of development of the disease. Each patient requires an individual approach to treatment. Therefore, the doctor develops an individual plan for the treatment of your joints, which may include a set of exercises, diet, and medication.

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