Do you share cosmetics with your friends? Stop doing this.


Many girls like to spend time with their friends performing various beauty treatments at home. If you are one of them, then you know that an evening with friends is a fun time. You can have a home rescue or beauty salon, or try your friends’ new some cosmetics on your face or body. At first glance, this is a good idea to test new cosmetics. Thus, you can understand the appropriateness of certain cosmetic products for you. Despite this, using other people’s cosmetics can lead to skin or health problems.

If you decide to use your friend’s or neighbor’s cosmetic product, you should be aware of some of the risks of using cosmetics.

Medical cosmetics.
Many cosmetics are used as directed by a dermatologist and have a specific range of effects. The doctor studies the causes of certain skin problems, the level of the disease, and only then selects cosmetics that are suitable for this particular case. Such cosmetics can harm the skin with other diseases or problems, even if you have healthy skin it can worsen its condition.

Hygiene of the use of cosmetics.
Typically, many of you use fingers to apply creams, gels, or other products. Moreover, this method is unhygienic. A lot of bacteria are concentrated on the fingers, which, getting into the cream, multiply in it. Therefore, if you use friends or neighbor’s cream or other product, you risk putting bacteria on your skin and causing inflammation in your skin.

Brushes and sponges for applying cosmetics.
Many people use a variety of tools to apply cosmetics to reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into the cosmetic. But, this method can have risks, too. If sponges or brushes are not properly disinfected, they contain a large number of various bacteria. Also, if the instruments are kept in a room with wet air, this increases the risk of the growth of various bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or E. coli. Even if your friend assures you that he washed them, this does not guarantee that the bacteria has disappeared. As a rule, people are lazy to carry out complex sanitizing procedures at home and wash brushes and sponges just with water. Also, are you sure they used disposable towels to dry the instruments? Even if the instruments have gone through proper disinfection, but then they were wiped off with a regular towel, then there is a risk that bacteria from the towel have moved to the instrument.

Therefore, if you enjoy testing cosmetics in supermarkets or using your friends’ cosmetics, you are putting your health at great risk. We are not saying that your friend is a sloppy person who lives in the mud. But bacteria exist everywhere, including on human skin. They are harmless to their owner, but they can harm another person. Also, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, then your risk increases several times. If you want to understand if this or that tool is right for you, buy special probes for testing. They are hermetically sealed and no one uses them except you. This way you will be able to test cosmetics and not put your skin at risk.

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