Beauty standards destroy your mental health.


Beauty is an abstract concept that causes a lot of controversies. Beauty standards change every decade dramatically. The modern generation is guided by the beauty standards that social networks dictate to them.
The development of devices helps to improve the appearance in the virtual world, and various filters customize the look. People are afraid to show their natural beauty and constantly compare themselves to pictures on social networks. All this makes people’s lives worse and contributes to the development of psychological diseases. All these unnatural faces and figures give rise to dissatisfaction with their appearance in millions of people. They go to radical methods to get closer to these beauty standards.
Scientists are confident that this trend leads to impaired mental health and encourage people to love their natural beauty.

This question piqued the interest of blogger Em Ford, who decided to conduct a social experiment and founded the Redefine Pretty project. This project studies neural changes in the brain under the influence of various social factors. The participants in the experiment looked at photos from Instagram, which showed people with impeccable appearance. During this process, scientists monitored brain activity using a special scanner. As a result, it turned out that looking at such ideal photos causes anxiety and can lead to the development of depression. In addition, it has been found that women are more susceptible to negative effects than men. This is because women tend to underestimate their appearance and beauty.

Every teenage girl sees many flaws in her appearance and wants to be like her idol. But, the development of technology allows people to share the details of their lives. At the same time, no one shows the real picture, and most of them try to show only the best side of it. This also applies to appearance. Bloggers, celebrities, and socialites use a variety of techniques to enhance their appearance before sharing their photos with you. Many fans are disappointed in their idols after meeting in real life.

In addition, beautiful photographs of acquaintances or friends have the same effect. Many young people want to change their appearance with plastic surgery to create beautiful selfies. They depend on the opinions of their subscribers and cannot afford to appear naturally in a photograph.

Those who are afraid of surgery use special applications to change their appearance in the photo. At the same time, they begin to believe in their reality after a while. They cannot look at themselves in the mirror. Every real photo makes them hysterical and anxious.

The main factor that influences the formation of beauty standards is culture. The main distributors are the media and the Internet. Unfortunately, not all channels are supporters of the theory that beauty is health. Therefore, most brands are trying to access the main channels on TV and the Internet to impose their beauty standards. Thus, they try to sell their goods and services. Unfortunately, the modern beauty industry is a huge business that aims to make money.

They try to convince you that you must have a certain weight, the quality of your skin, the presence of hair on your body, the size of your lips and chest, and so on. Many women consider themselves to be failures because they do not meet these standards. They are unable to build relationships, find a good job or lead an active lifestyle due to a lack of acceptance of their body. They miss out on thousands of opportunities to be happy just because they are self-conscious. Fortunately, body-positive has become more and more popular in recent years. Many TV channels and internet bloggers show women of different beauty. Many fashion designers show models that have different parameters and ages. They want to show that beauty is diversity.

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