Reach the fitness goal correctly: How to turn our desires into goals


Have you set new goals for this year? You already imagine how you will be happy when you achieve a result, but a day then a month passes and you have not even taken the first step towards your goal. You are not the only ones on this earth. In the first days of the new year, we promise ourselves that this year everything will be different and we will be disciplined, but then we find thousands of reasons not to go to the gym or change our diet. According to psychologists, New Year’s goals and plans are the most popular in time management. But people are inherently lazy and sabotage any changes. Another problem is inaccurate or too big goals. For example, you set a goal “I want to lose weight”. And it is not clear how many kilograms for which period. Or I want to lose weight by 20 pounds per month.

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You must understand that achieving a goal is like a road on which you will meet different obstacles. And it is only on the strength of your motivation that you overcome them or retreat at the first problem. Jim Taylor, in his book “Train Your Mind for Sporting Success”, states that you must see where you are going, but the long road consists of small steps.

Motivation. Your inner intention will be your starting point on which the whole process of achieving the goal will be built. If you understand why you need to play sports, why eat healthy food. No one and nothing can affect a person as much as his inner convictions. If a person has decided to be healthy, then he will do a lot. And if he does not see the point, then neither the words of the doctor nor his friends can convince him. Yes, he may start to do something, but it will not last very long. In this case, the goal should not drive you into depression and negativity. Do not deprive yourself or limit yourself, but convince your mind that fruit salad is tastier and healthier than a donut. If you limit yourself, then for your body it is stress, and this will affect your well-being negatively .

Once you have found your motivation, think about how much time you can achieve your goal. Divide your goal into small steps and give them a time frame. Focusing on small achievements, it will be easier for you to achieve a big goal, and you will also clearly see how and what to do. Numerous studies show that people who saw their small victories achieved great results.

Make a checklist. For how the process of achieving your goal is going on, what moments you miss and which ones you pay too much attention to, it is recommended to draw up a plan together with your trainer or dieter. Their professional approach will help you not to get injured or overdo it in the first days. Loads should increase gradually. This also applies to nutrition, a sharp rejection of certain foods may negatively affect your health.

Following your training schedule, you will improve your health indicators and you will not have the desire to quit. A professional approach provides you with a quality result.

Psychologists say that people are divided into two groups. First, those who like to train alone and the presence of other people distract them. The second group is people who achieve the highest results in teamwork. The support of like-minded people helps them and leads to the desired result. Therefore, decide what it is more comfortable for you are and proceed with the implementation of the plan.

Some people wonder whether it is worth talking to their people about their plans. There is no definite answer. It helps some since they cannot lose their face. For others, this can have a bad effect, as the admiration of others can reduce motivation. They think that they are already good, why then continue.

Do not be discouraged if something went wrong on the path to achieving your goal as you planned. Forgive yourself for this, and then get up and keep going.

Support. Even before the beginning of your journey, you should understand that the process will take from six months to a year. During this time, you will have both ups and downs. Therefore, the one you trust must be near you, the one who will support you. It can be a friend, spouse or coach. But in difficult times, when it seems that nothing works, talk to them and they will restore your faith in yourself.

They can also notice your results and tell you about your small victories. Sometimes we do not see our achievements and this unsettles us.

Your life is not only about achieving a goal. You should not spend all your time only on work to achieve the goal. Some people are so addicted that they forget to live. Your goal is only part of your life and does not forget about family, friends or other hobbies. Enjoy all that surrounds you. Even the biggest goal is not worth your health or family.

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