Benefits from quality and regular sex.


Have you ever thought that sex brings you many benefits? If you think that we are talking about pleasure, then you are mistaken. Enjoyment is not the only benefit you can get from regular sex. Scientists argue that adults should often have sex to reduce their risk of heart disease, prevent blood pressure problems, and strengthen relationships. But this does not mean that you should have an intimate relationship with many partners. Studies show that sex is beneficial if it is a permanent relationship with a partner with emotional attachment.

Studies in 2015 showed that the frequency of sex should depend on the desires of both partners, but not less than one time per week. This study showed that modern people have less sex than in the 90s. They explain this by the fact that the modern life of adults is very stressful and busy.
This fact is very worrying for scientists, as it shows that people have stopped paying attention to their bodies and relationships, preferring social activity.

Also during the study, scientists found that married people have sex more often than single ones.

In addition to the physical effect, sex gives you many psychological benefits. You get positive emotions while making love that affects the production of the hormone of happiness. By consensus, sex with a beloved partner causes a surge in the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. The more often you experience positive emotions, the better your quality of life.
You should understand that unwanted sex reduces the level of hormone production and your organism is under stress.

Research shows sex is a good stress reliever. Although stress adversely affects the quality of sexual life and reduces the level of attraction.
Lovemaking activates different chemicals and they affect your mood, reduce irritability and anxiety. Thus, you become happier and calmer.
Another important fact is that sex helps you increase your self-esteem. A person with adequate self-esteem achieves its goals faster and better.
Do not forget about the physical benefits of having love after you find out that sex improves your emotional health.

Regular sex helps keep your body fit. This form of activity tones muscles well and your body maintains elasticity, and it burns calories. You can lose 200 calories in 30 minutes of sex. Maybe it is better to have sex than go to the gym, is not it?

In addition, sex, like any physical activity, improves the immune system of your body. This is a good prevention of viral and colds.

Making love enhances blood circulation, activates the cardiovascular system, and improves brain function.

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