Can you sober up quickly?


Many of us found ourselves in a situation of strong alcohol intoxication. At the same time, this happens quickly and unexpectedly for us. A stronger cocktail, an extra puff of wine, or a glass of tequila had a lethal effect on us, and we ceased to control the situation. It takes some time to forget back to normal. But there are circumstances that you need to get back to normal quickly. In such cases, you have probably tried various methods that do not always help.

Doctors claim that they do not know a single way to sober up quickly. Nevertheless, people continue to look for ways to sober up, hoping that one of them will relieve them of a hangover.

According to doctors, the only way to avoid severe intoxication and hangover is to control the alcohol you drink. If you do not get drunk, then you do not need to look for a way to quickly sober up. But as life shows, alcohol is too insidious, and not all of us can resist its effects.

If you decide to drink alcohol, there are several factors you should consider that affect the rate of intoxication:

  • age,
  • weight,
  • strength of the drink,
  • satiety.

The liver is the main organ that helps you cope with alcohol intoxication. But it can’t run faster just because you want it. Certain chemical processes take place in the liver that takes time and you cannot influence. Despite the scientific fact that alcohol can not leave your body fast, people continue to believe in different ways to sober up.

Nevertheless, none of them work and people believe myths that have no scientific justification and practical use.

Mythical ways to quickly sober up.

Strong coffee.
Caffeine affects the nervous system by stimulating it. After drinking coffee, a person feels cheerfulness, drowsiness decreases and energy appears. But unfortunately, coffee cannot break down alcohol, it just invigorates and a drunk person has the illusion that he is sober. Additionally, doctors warn that mixing energy drinks, which mostly contain high amounts of caffeine, with alcohol is dangerous and can be fatal.

Cold shower.
Coldwater gives you a surge of strength and energy but does not affect the breakdown of alcohol and liver function. Therefore, this method cannot sober you up.

Fatty food.
Consuming fatty foods after alcohol consumption does not affect them. Intoxication occurs after alcohol enters the bloodstream, and fat cannot affect its absorption.

Vomiting can help you get rid of nausea that occurs after drinking a lot of alcohol. If you have consumed a lot of alcohol that has managed to get into your bloodstream, then vomiting will not help.

While there is no way to quickly sober up, there are a few things you should know to help you get drunk and help your body recover from its effects.

Sleep is the best way to help your body survive alcohol intoxication. But drunken sleep can be disturbing and dangerous. Therefore, you must take care of yourself in the evening. Drink a glass of water to stay hydrated, try to rip out all food and liquids in your stomach, and put pain relievers next to your bed.
You must be prepared for a severe hangover in the morning that can ruin all your plans. Therefore, try to fall asleep again. Such sleep will help your liver function better. Don’t forget to drink water, you can use sports drinks that contain minerals and vitamins. They will help your body recover faster. A cup of coffee in the morning for a hangover will fill you with energy and strength. Eating hot and soft will help your stomach to cope with the effects of heavy intoxication. And the main rule is never to drink alcohol in the morning after being drunk. This will increase the influence of alcohol and you will again fall into alcohol intoxication.

If you do not want to experience the effects of heavy intoxication, you can avoid it. Using a few clever tricks, you can stay sober and control what is happening around.

Amount of drinks.
If you want to stay sober, control how much you drink. Stop when you feel the first signs of alcohol.

Control the strength of your drinks.
If you are a cocktail lover, they might let you down. You are enjoying their taste, and you cannot control the concentration of alcohol in them. Therefore, consider this fact and limit yourself to 2 cocktails.

Avoid strong drinks.
Drinks that have a high alcohol level are absorbed into the bloodstream faster, and your liver cannot cope with its task. Therefore, give preference to light drinks that contain little alcohol and do not quickly intoxicate.

Do not hurry.
Do not drink glass by glass. Drink slowly and infrequently. Give your liver the ability to break down alcohol.

By consuming alcohol on an empty stomach, you help it metabolize faster. You can slow this down with a portion of fatty food before consuming alcohol. Fat coats the walls of the stomach, and alcohol takes longer to get into your body. If you drink slowly and infrequently, your liver will have time to break down the alcohol before it enters your bloodstream.

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