Causes of poor health in office workers.


Although office work is relatively safe, it can be harmful to your health. Daily office work affects both your physical and psychological well-being.

Causes of harm to office work.
Office workers spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. This lifestyle shortens their life expectancy, increases the risk of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and so on. At the same time, if you go in for sports in the evening every day, but sitting during the day, the risk of developing diseases does not decrease. You should move throughout the day. Therefore, try to walk around the office every hour of your working time.
As a rule, office workers do not monitor their posture while working. They slouch and sit with a crooked spine, which leads to poor blood circulation. Their brains do not receive the required amount of blood and oxygen, which leads to headaches and cognitive decline. Also, the back muscles suffer from improper stress, which leads to severe back pain.

Improper nutrition.
Office workers are focused on their work and try to use all their time to complete their assignments. Therefore, they eat fast food or delivery food, which are low in nutritional value and high in unhealthy fats.
Also, in the office, there is a temptation to eat something with coffee, for example, candy or cookies. You do not notice how you eat more than your norm.
You can eat well in the office by taking food from home and following your drinking regimen.
Lack of sunlight and fresh air.
Office workers spend all day indoors and don’t get the sunlight that vitamin D synthesizes, so you should go outside at lunchtime and have sunbathe. Using this way, you don’t miss out on getting the vitamin D you need.
Permanent sitting in front of the monitor.
Often office workers have tired and irritated eyes after sitting in front of a monitor for a long time. You should take short breaks from work and give your eyes a rest. Also, you can use special eye exercises to help your eyes relax and rest. Also, remember to blink when you work. Thus, you provide hydration to the eyeball.

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