Love triangle: how to get out of it.


The relationship between two people is a complex process that you cannot completely control. The situation may not develop as you plan. Everyone wants to be happy in a relationship and be the only one for their loved one. But, sometimes, a third one intervenes in the relationship between the two. A love triangle is a painful relationship that takes energy and vitality. Moreover, each of the participants in this triangle suffers. Therefore, one of them must make a decision and get out of the love triangle by destroying it.

A relationship in a love triangle is a difficult and painful situation. Moreover, such situations are not an invention of modern society. Cheating and love triangles have existed for a long time and could have caused wars.
Although the love triangle arises from passion and love, the main feelings that the participants in such a relationship experience are resentment, pain, fear of the unknown.

Even though a love triangle brings emotional discomfort to all its sides, it can exist for years. None of the participants in the triangle find the inner strength to break this vicious circle.

Most often, all parties suffer in a long-term love triangle, even the one who created the situation for the sake of his/her comfort. A partner who has learned about the betrayal is experiencing severe mental pain from the betrayal of a loved one. The lover is frustrated by the uncertainty and long waiting for her partner.
A partner who has a lover is tormented by feelings of guilt, conflicting emotions, and inability to make choices.
At the same time, he/she lives in constant conflicts with both a partner and a lover.
Despite the complexity of the situation, none of them dares to open the ill-fated love triangle. The reason for this is simple. Each of them benefits from such a relationship.
Benefits can be both perceived and latent, but they are necessarily greater than all unpleasant emotions and discomfort.

When it comes to the unfaithful partner, the benefits can be: keeping the family together while getting your needs met outside the family. For example, if your partner does not want an intimate relationship with you, a lover can help relieve sexual tension. If one of the partners in the family does not receive the necessary emotions, he/she begins to look for a person who can give it to them. At the same time, he/she does not want to destroy the family and continues to live a life that is familiar and comfortable for them.
As a rule, society condemns the lover and considers her / his main villain. But, no one notices that the lover suffers as well as the deceived partner. He/she lives in the hope that their beloved will choose him/her, spends long evenings alone while their beloved spends time with his / her family.

Participants in a love triangle cannot always get out of this relationship on their own. Each of them hopes to get an option that would completely suit her / him, and prefer to keep what they already have. As a rule, people who enter a love triangle have psychological problems and try to solve them in this way. Therefore, it is difficult for them to get out of them without the help of a specialist. In this case, the help of a family psychologist is required.
The psychologist can determine the true motives, fears, and benefits of each of the participants in the love triangle.
By analyzing your situation, the doctor can find the most painless way out of the situation and the opportunity to meet the needs that you receive in such a relationship.

Breaking up any relationship disrupts your psychological health, so you need methods that will help you maintain self-esteem and stabilize your emotional state.

You need to find internal resources to deal with this situation, as well as build strong and healthy relationships in a couple after leaving the “triangle”.

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