Causes of snoring and methods of its treatment.


Good sleep is the key to your health. We hope that you are familiar with the rules of quality sleep and are doing everything possible to ensure that your sleep is deep and quality. But, sometimes, some circumstances disrupt your routine, and you cannot influence them. One of them is snoring. It causes discomfort to others who cannot sleep due to annoying sounds. At the same time, snoring interferes with both your partner who sleeps next to you and you.

Snoring is not an easy problem. You can go to sleep in another room to avoid hearing your partner’s snoring, but this will not solve the problem. Doctors urge not to ignore snoring and seek medical attention for its treatment. These are pathologies of the respiratory tract, which can be caused by some reasons. Snoring indicates that the inhaled air enters the body with some difficulty. Also, doctors draw attention to the fact that snoring is a type of apnea that can provoke short-term respiratory failure. Thus, a lack of oxygen in the blood can lead to the development of a stroke or heart attack.

This problem is much more serious than most people think. Therefore, you should see your doctor correct this problem. But before you start treatment, you should find out the cause of your snoring. You must understand that the earlier you get diagnosed and treated for snoring, the sooner you will be able to prevent the development of dangerous complications.

The causes of snoring can be various disorders in the work of your body:

  • endocrine system diseases, in particular, thyroid dysfunction;
  • excessive alcohol consumption that is relaxing body muscles, including the larynx;
  • violation of the hormonal system;
  • the use of sleeping pills and sedatives that produce an effect on the muscles of the larynx;
  • pathologies in the structure of the nasopharynx, including injuries and inflammation;
  • age-related changes;
  • overweight.

Modern medicine offers a variety of methods to overcome snoring. The choice of snoring control method depends on the reason for its occurrence. Therefore, the first step towards curing snoring is a medical examination. The doctor can choose a more effective way to treat your snoring. Sometimes doctors take an integrated approach to solving the problem.

Snoring treatment methods.

Special gymnastics.
Such exercises should strengthen and train the weakened muscles of your nasopharynx.

Surgical intervention.
If the cause of snoring is the pathology of the construction of your nasopharynx, then you may be offered to get rid of the snoring with surgery to shorten the palatine uvula. Doctors use a laser for this procedure or liquid nitrogen.
If the snoring is caused by neoplasms, polyps, or adenoids, the doctor can recommend you have surgery, too.

It is a more conservative method that reduces snoring but does not solve the problem. Your doctor may prescribe medications for you to relieve mucosal swelling. These drugs are suitable for people who snore from time to time.

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