How to increase serotonin levels with the help of food.


Your mood depends on the chemical processes that take place in your brain. During these processes, your body produces serotonin, which is responsible for your mood. If you want its level to be always at a sufficient level, then you can enhance the process of producing serotonin with the help of food.

If you regularly eat eggs, seeds, nuts, salmon, and spinach, then your serotonin levels should be high. If you are on a strict diet that eliminates fat, then don’t be surprised if you are in a bad mood all the time.

Serotonin plays an important role in brain activity and the nervous system. Also, its level has an impact on a person’s overall health. If your body lacks serotonin levels, you may experience fatigue, apathy, depressed mood, and so on.

Scientists continue to study the effect of serotonin on human health and emotional state, but already having results confirm that good mood and energy levels depend on the level of serotonin.

Scientists say that low serotonin levels can cause memory loss, bad mood, and even depression.

The human body cannot produce tryptophan, which promotes the production of serotonin, on its own. For this process, it needs external help – amino acid. The source of this amino acid is food. Severely restricting and excluding healthy foods from your diet deprives your body of the essential nutrients it needs to make serotonin. Therefore, before deciding on any diet, be sure, that you will receive the necessary foods that are a source of tryptophan.

If you notice that you are not sleeping well and your brain refuses to accept any information, then perhaps you need to start eating properly and saturate your body with the necessary amino acid tryptophan.

A balanced diet, sleep schedule, and exercise can help you make lifestyle changes that make you feel happier, improve your sleep, and become a happy and healthy person. In this article, we suggest you start by choosing foods that will help you increase your serotonin levels and energize various areas of your life.

A list of foods that affect serotonin production.

Fatty fish.
Fish, especially its fatty types, provide you with amino acids and omega-3s. The fats found in fish are beneficial and help your body to function well. If you eat 2 servings of fatty fish a week, then you are getting the amino acid tryptophan you need. Also, eating salmon and other fatty fish has many health benefits.

Poultry meat.
Modern meat production has some nuances that make meat from factories poor in protein, fats, and amino acids. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to buy chicken, turkey, or goose meat from small home farms, where the process of raising poultry is organic. These meats contain protein, low fat, and tryptophan.

Boiled eggs or steamed scrambled eggs are great breakfast options that will boost your serotonin levels. Eggs contain many beneficial amino acids, including tryptophan.

Leafy vegetables.
Leafy vegetables, especially dark-colored vegetables such as spinach, contain tryptophan in fairly high amounts. Therefore, consuming them daily will help you not only normalize your blood iron levels but also improve your mood.

Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and others are an irreplaceable source of tryptophan. However, there are many options for their use. You can add them to your favorite meals and get healthier physically and mentally. Please note that seeds are ideal as a source of tryptophan for vegans and vegetarians.

Tryptophan is found in milk and dairy products. If you are lactose intolerant, don’t use milk and look for another source of tryptophan. Also, if you are afraid of fat, which is high in milk, use low fat instead of whole milk.

Soy products are in different types, but all of them have huge benefits for your health. You can use them if you want to lose weight and saturate your body with amino acids, including tryptophan.

If you want to have a good mood throughout the day, use nuts as a snack to help your body produce serotonin. Nuts contain fat, protein, and amino acids. Therefore, they should be in your diet often.

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