Change your thoughts and your life will change.


Scientists all over the world study the human brain, and each study reveals something new. Scientists have proven that people do not use the full potential of their brains. You should know that neural connections are formed throughout your life, and they are responsible for the quality of your life.

A few decades ago, scientists were confident that the adult brain remains unchanged. However, scientists are now confident that every person is born with many neurons but very few connections between them. These connections are built in the process of interaction with the outside world. In this way, the environment shapes you and your habits.

Research results confirm that everyone can change their lives only by destroying old neural connections and creating new ones. If you think this is easy, you are wrong. The formation of new neural pathways in adulthood is a complex and lengthy process. Old connections are so effective that letting go of them makes you feel as if your survival is at stake. Any new nerve chains are very fragile compared to old ones.
Scientists found that people whose brains were rich in connections between neurons, as a rule, received higher education, had no problems with the law, aspired to lead a healthy lifestyle, were in good psychological condition, and generally showed high levels of satisfaction fwith life.

This means that the relationship between the number of neural connections and the quality of human life is the main force that creates the quality of life.

Unfortunately, the brain does not like anything new and creates various conditions to block the creation of new neural connections. The brain prefers to conserve energy and strength, so you have to put in a lot of effort to create new neural connections. Old habits are always a simpler, less energy-intensive brain program. Given the choice, the brain will always prefer the easier option.

At the same time, your brain does not distinguish between good or bad the program that you have been using for many years. If you use it for years it goes into automatic mode, and the brain uses it by default.
Installing a new program takes time and patience. Only regular use of new programs and thoughts helps to create a stable new neural connection.

Scientists have proven that you can create new neural connections. So, you need several tools:

  • desire to change your life;
  • acquiring new skills, mastering a new profession, learning languages.

Research shows that you can control all the events in your life. As a result of changes in thoughts, you create new neural connections that change the state of your mind and body. Therefore, you need to notice your thoughts and change them to positive ones. You should receive more positive energy. Joyful emotions are the key to forming new neural connections.

Your brain’s potential is astounding in its scale. Each of you can change your cognitive abilities, influence emotions, perception of the world.

Your brain requires exercise, as does your body. Only regularity will help you achieve results. Also, do not expect a quick result. Use a variety of brain training exercises and enjoy the results.

Ways to Improve the neuroplasticity of your brain:

  • reading;
  • board games;
  • constantly learning something new – a new hobby, learning foreign languages;
  • travels.

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