Each type of body shape has a unique beauty.


We live in a world of standards that someone invented and called the ideal of beauty. And each of you compares yourself with these standards and understands that it does not correspond to them. After that, the pursuit of the dream of an ideal body begins. But none of you notice that standards are changed faster than you can realize them. Therefore, many psychologists and health experts implore everyone to forget about standards and love your body. It is accepting and loving your body that will help you to be healthy. Health is the main standard of beauty.

You must understand that your body is unique and your beauty depends on your body type. Nature has gifted us in different ways. To someone, it gave wide hips and a narrow waist, someone long legs, and someone big breasts. Your beauty lies in your unique qualities of body and soul. And do not strive to reduce the hips if it is unnatural for your body type. Some women go for radical methods in pursuit of the ghostly dream of meeting the standards of beauty, but as a rule, having done one operation, they want the next. Sometimes a woman begins to depend on plastic surgery, not realizing that the problem is not in her appearance but in accepting her nature.

Experts distinguish several types of body shape and recommend choosing clothes, training, and even nutrition by your body type. And most importantly, you must learn to appreciate your distinctive qualities, then your body will shine with beauty.

The main types of body shape:

  • apple or inverted triangle (broad shoulders, narrow hips, wide waist)
  • rectangle (hips and shoulders are the same sizes, the waist is not pronounced)
  • triangle or pear (narrow shoulders, thin waist, and wide hips)
  • sand watch (shoulders and hips are about the same size, narrow waist)

This division into types of body shape is relative and has not been scientifically confirmed. Most people have characteristics of several types at once, and it is difficult to find a woman who meets the characteristics of one type by 100%.

However, one type of figure predominates, and you should consider this. If you like the rectangle type of body shape, and you are the owner of the “pear”, then you cannot create yourself another type of figure.

The body type is influenced by various factors that cannot be changed naturally. You cannot make your legs long and change your height, so look for the benefits of being short. At the same time, the same type of figure is different for every woman. This is influenced by her height, leg length, posture, and weight.

Humans have no control over how their bone structure is formed, so you cannot influence your body type. The only thing you can control is your weight within a healthy range.

Genetics plays an important role in shaping your body type, and you cannot change the places where fat is stored. Every woman has places where fat settles in the first place and does not want to leave there despite super-efforts. The woman is not to blame for this, it is a genetic inheritance that cannot be changed. You should stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep fat from accumulating.

Do not exclude the role of the hormonal system in shaping the body type. Your lifestyle and stress levels trigger the release of certain hormones. If the level of cortisol in your body is high, then the fat will accumulate on the stomach and sides. So if you want to see your waistline, reduce the stress in your life.

An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone affects fat storage sites. Therefore, you may need to normalize your hormone levels so that fat is evenly distributed throughout your body.

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