Choose workout according to your body type.


Have you ever thought that you are unique and special? If you are still in doubt, then I assure you that you are one of a kind. And this applies not only to your soul and appearance; it also applies to your physical body shape. Therefore, most make the mistake of choosing a workout that others choose and do not take into account their characteristics. In the best cases, such exercises will not bring you any benefit, but there are times that the exercises are contraindicated for you and can cause irreparable harm.

Therefore, so that you do not lose your time and do no harm to your health, you need to determine which type of exercise suits you and which is strictly prohibited. For best results, in the long run, you need to determine which exercises are the most effective and safe for your work.

We suggest you look at how the same exercises affect the tall and low guy. And also you will learn how to correct the same exercise, after which it will become safe for both guys.

Barbell exercises.
If you are 6′ or more feet tall, then you probably have long legs. In this case, exercises with a barbell in a classic form will not suit you. Of course, you can perform them and do not pay attention to such nuances, but professional trainers are sure that the effectiveness of such exercises is zero. Therefore, exercises such as the bench press and back squats should be replaced with the dumbbell bench press and front squatting. They are not only more effective for your body type but also safer.

Anyone lower than 6′ feet typically has wider shoulders and shorter legs, so they will be suitable for having wider shoulders and shorter limbs, you may need to expand the range of motion when performing certain exercises to activate most of the muscles. Bulgarian split squats and abs rollouts. These exercises very well affect the muscles of the legs and hips, as well as the muscles of the backs without harming your body.

Choose exercises that fit your height. Do not try to do what nature does not provide. To determine which exercises are right for you, consult your trainer and listen to your body. If during the performance of any exercise you feel that the wrong muscles are working or the muscles that should not be present are included in the work, then this training is not for you.

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