COVID-19 increases anxiety levels.


Covid-19 does not affect just physical health, but it damages your mental health, too. Polish scientists found that anxiety increased during the epidemic much more.

At the same time, the level of your anxiety may depend on various factors.

Increased risk of Covid-19 infection.
People are afraid of social contacts to protect themselves from infection with a dangerous virus. At the same time, sometimes precautions go beyond logic, and people can isolate themselves from the outside world completely.

Information about Covid-19.
Monitoring the spread of the epidemic and deaths affects your mental balance.

Search for symptoms of infection.
Some people monitor their health, and even the slightest deviation from the norm causes them to panic. They are looking for symptoms that can confirm their COVID-19 disease.

The presence of chronic diseases.
Studies show that people who have chronic diseases experience more anxiety than people without such diseases, as information channels have convinced people that chronic diseases increase the risk of disease and death.

Anxiety about children.

People who have children worry about their health more than their own.

Elderly age.

People over 60 have a higher level of anxiety about the possibility of getting sick than young and middle-aged people. Itis due to a decrease in immunity and the presence of chronic diseases in the elderly.

As a rule, people who disinfect their hands and household items too often have an increased level of anxiety.

But, regardless of the type of factors that increase your level of anxiety, you must understand that mental health affects your physical health. Therefore, if you noticed, that your level of anxiety disrupts your sleep, nutrition you need, you should take measures to reduce your level of anxiety. You should find the source of your anxiety increase and minimize its impact. As a rule, news channels are the main source of bad news that affects you and your perception of the situation. Therefore, you can not watch the news or devote no more than 10 minutes a day to this process. Using the recommendations of The World Health Organization on precautions, you must protect your nervous system, too.

The study carried out in Poland has bordering results, as it was conducted on a limited number of people. However, they showed that people have a high level of anxiety, which sometimes does not correspond to reality.

The COVID-19 epidemic is spreading all over the world, and no one is immune to infection. However, if you stay calm, you can fight this disease.

According to other studies, people with low income are more likely to be anxious. However, it turned out that COVID-19 selects victims regardless of their socioeconomic status. However, people who do not have health insurance are at big risk, and understand that they cannot pay for treatment. Therefore, the economic factor has a great influence on the mental state.

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