Divorce: effects on emotional health.


Any change in your personal life causes fear and emotional discomfort. Negative events are especially dangerous for your psyche, so divorce causes tremendous pain for both partners. Regardless of who is the initiator of the divorce, both partners experience discomfort and pain.

Living together brings people closer, and their fates are intertwined. Breaking up a relationship breaks that connection, and people feel empty.

Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of divorces exceeds the number of marriages. These data indicate that almost every second family breaks up.
Although this is a common occurrence in the modern world, not all people can cope with this psychological trauma.

Psychologists say that people who go through this stage of their lives need professional support. You can also try to relieve the pain of separation yourself.

The first and important step is to accept the fact of divorce. Some people get immersed in analysis and begin to imagine what would happen if they said something else, and so on. You cannot return to the past, so thoughts about it take away your strength and energy.
Stop your thoughts about the past and the possible future. Focus your attention on the moment. You have evolved, and this fact is incorrigible.

Each person experiences different emotions and goes their unique way. Therefore, psychologists cannot give universal recommendations that will help everyone without exception. Although, they can advise on some ways to relieve pain. Perhaps some of them will help you get through this period with minimal loss.

Don’t talk about your ex-partner. Your relationship is in the past. Of course, throughout your life together, you have had both good and bad experiences. But, this relationship was only between you. You can express your emotions once to a close friend or therapist. But, if talking about your ex-partner becomes a habit, it’s a bad signal about your emotional health.

Find a good psychologist. The specialist will help you cope with your negative emotions and get out of the sad state faster.

Take your time to start a new relationship. You can allow light flirting, but nothing more. Also, you can go to parties, meet friends, to understand that life goes on.

Do what you have dreamed of for a long time.
As a rule, people who are in long-term relationships forget about their meta and desires. They are completely immersed in the family and put its interests above all else. After a divorce, you can let yourself do what you want. Travel, paint, read, dance, or do whatever fills you and makes you happy.

Don’t go deep into thinking about who is to blame for the divorce. As a rule, both partners are divorced. Understand that you are more than your partner. You are a person who can build new relationships or live alone with yourself. Choose a path that is comfortable for you and follow it. You can analyze your mistakes to avoid them in the future, but don’t blame yourself. You did what you could at that moment. It was the experience that is essential for your development. Enjoy your life, because you will not have another one.

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