Do you want to be healthy? Try hot yoga.


Do you want to warm yourself? Then meet a new type of yoga that will warm your body, but will not allow you to burn out. Hot yoga has existed for a long time and still is relevant and popular, and recent studies led by Stacy Hunter from the University of Texas state that this a kind of yoga brings many benefits and has several advantages.

Unlike ordinary yoga classes, you will have to do complex asanas in a room where the air temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Despite the complexity of this practice, many people become loyal followers of this type of yoga, especially among those who have high blood pressure.

Studies at the University of Texas showed that people who do hot yoga for three hours a week received a decrease in pressure of five mmRT. Another attractive bonus was a reduction in stress levels, which is vital for every person living in the modern world.

Some skeptics say that this slight drop in blood pressure is not worth such troubles as hot yoga. Nevertheless, according to scientists, the pressure drop is even two mmHg significantly reduces the chance of having a stroke or other risks of heart disease. Research is still ongoing to find out finally what exactly brings such benefits to people with high blood pressure, or yoga or its combination with hot air. Nevertheless, in order not to show the results of the study, one thing is clear – yoga is an effective way to improve your health and prolong youth. In addition, you choose where you better spread the rug. It can be the park or the sauna.

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