How to keep the passion in a relationship?


Many couples are faced with the problem of reducing passion after several years of marriage. Sexologists argue that passion can be maintained even after 20 years of marriage. They are sure that the beginning of a quality intimate life is in the brain.
Modern people have sex for pleasure in the first place. Having children is a secondary goal that not everyone wants to achieve. Also, sexual relations have ceased to be a duty that must be performed regardless of the wishes of one of the partners.

Sexologists are confident that even the most beautiful lingerie will not add passion in the long run. Lace lingerie, candles, music are attributes that make your night more romantic and can enhance your feelings. But if you want to have passion for your partner for many years, you should use the recommendations of sexologists that change your thoughts. These guidelines are changing your life in general because the satisfaction of the sexual part of your life affects the quality of your entire life.

Sex and love are not the same things.
Many people believe that a lack of passion is a sign of a lack of love. Love is a deep feeling that is based on tenderness, respect, caring, and so on. Very often, the depth of love drives out passion. Therefore, you must understand that passion is a feeling that is based on your instincts. You can control it and level it up.
And sex is aggression, disobedience, flirting, passion, and desire to possess. Love is the desire to bestow.
Therefore, people can have sex without love, but love without passion exists only between parents and children, friends and relatives. So couples break up when the passion goes away.

Respect each other’s space.
Research has shown that people who are forcibly separated or see each other do not often have stronger passion. If you want to be with your partner 24 hours a day, you need to understand that it will destroy your passion. This does not mean that you have to live separately from each other and meet once a week. No, you just need to respect your partner’s private life, hobbies, desire to be aquatic, or meet friends. Also, you must have a life of your own that is not connected with your partner.

Show all your faces.
Each person is a set of qualities that are formed at the genetic level and throughout life. But, some people are used to playing one role and do not understand that they can be different. Learning to express yourself from different angles will give your partner a sense of newness every time. It has a stimulating effect on your partner, and your intimate life is improved. You don’t have to pretend to play a role that doesn’t belong to you. Be yourself, but just remember that you are not only a wife or mother.

Take an interest in life.
As a rule, people who do not have any interest do not cause a desire to communicate with them, and even more so to have sex. Therefore, you should have your interests and aspirations, have a passion for life and activity, develop, achieve, and so on.
Passion for your work, demand, success, confidence are qualities that make you want to be close to you.

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