Do you want to live longer? Eat less.


Unfortunately, we are all aging and our body ceases to work as in youth. Old age comes to us with unpleasant symptoms such as loss of hearing, vision, and joint mobility. With age, all chronic diseases intensify and people lose interest in life.

The results of a recent study published in the Cell indicate that calorie restriction in combination with other measures helps the body cope with age-related changes much better.

The authors of the study say that old age cannot be canceled completely; you can carry it over for several years by refusing to overeat. Refuse dessert today and give birth to your youth. It is like a savings account; invest today to take advantage of investments in a few years.

During the study of the influence of caloric intake on life expectancy, researchers studied the life indicators of two groups of laboratory rats. One of the groups was on a calorie-restrictive diet, while the other group of rats had a regular diet. Moreover, the diet of the first group was less in caloric content by 30% of the diet of the second group.

At the end of the trial period, the authors of the study examined the cells of rats of both groups and found that the rats of the first group showed no signs of change in age. Their indicators were similar to indicators of young rats.

Also, scientists found that a low-calorie diet reduced inflammation in the bodies of rats of the first group.

Because of this study, not only the positive effect of a low-calorie diet was established. Scientists were able to understand the process of the aging of the cell. That is, they were able to study the aging process at the cellular level. The result of their work can give impetus to the development of various medicines to prolong life and improve the health of older people.

This is not the first study to examine the effect of quantity and quality of food on a body. Much research has been carried out, and all of them concluded that consuming an unlimited amount of food leads to quick aging.

The results of one of these studies were published in Communications Biology in 2018. Scientists watched for gray lemurs and reduced their caloric intake by 10%. The lemurs were monitored for 10 years and as a result, it turned out that the lemurs who were on a diet lived longer than the average lemur. Besides life expectancy, physical indicators improved. They moved much lighter and their health was better than in ordinary lemurs of the same age.

Another study led by Lynn Redman examined the effects of calorie restriction on people’s health and lives. The results were very optimistic and were published in the journal Cell Metabolism in 2018. It turned out that calorie restriction affects chronic diseases and reduces their manifestation. This not only prolongs life but also makes it easier, saving you from constant pain.

Even if you do not want to live longer, then you probably want to live your life without illness and pain. While other diets limit you in food or mealtimes, this food system allows you to eat whenever you want and what you want, but the total number of calories eaten per day should not be large.

Scientists do not urge you to give up eating carbohydrates or fats. Just reduce the size of the portions and you will eat less. At first glance, this may seem complicated, but you should understand that in perspective your life would get better and last longer.

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