The ultra-blue radiation of mobile telephones affects a person’s weight


Now it is difficult to find a person who does not have a mobile phone and as a result, the number of electromagnetic radiation that a person receives per day has increased significantly.

Scientists have not come to a consensus on how harmful or not their constant use of the phone is for human health.

A lot of research is devoted to this issue, and all of them both confirm and refute the effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health.

One of the latest studies conducted in the Netherlands found that the ultra-blue radiation of mobile telephones affects a person’s weight. This is bad news for those who are trying to lose weight or maintain they are a slim figure for many years. Studies were conducted on mice and it was found that blue light at night increases thirst for sugar that is not digested and also leads to glucose intolerance. The combination of all these factors leads to the fact that the body accumulates fats. The reason for this reaction to the blue color, scientists call the sensitivity of the retina to it. The brain receives the signal in the area that is responsible for appetite. Setting the screen to night mode helps reduce the effect of blue light on your brain.

Scientists do not urge to abandon the use of mobile phones but recommend putting it on night mode or laying it far away from the bed. Then the effect of blue color will be minimized and your health will be safe.

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