Five bad habits that harm your skin.


To prolong youth is the dream of many people. Therefore, cosmetic companies, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists use this desire to offer their services that can prolong youth. People buy expensive creams, do plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, but youth does not want to stay and it is slowly leaving you. The reason for this is your habits and lifestyle that drive youth away.

Skin is one of the indicators of youth. Smooth and taut skin is a symbol of youth and beauty. The use of expensive creams and cosmetic procedures is not enough to keep it in good condition. If you want to change the situation, you should change the habits which provoke wrinkles to appear on the face, and the skin becomes dull with pigmentation.

Sun rays
The influence of sunlight affects the condition of the skin negatively. It becomes dehydrated, dry, flabby. But despite the threat, many love to lie on the beach to get a beautiful skin tone. If you can’t give up spending time on the beach, then use a cream with SPF and do not sunbathe during peak hours of sun activity from 11 am to 4 pm. If at 25 years old you do not notice a negative effect on the skin of the sun, then after 10 years you can thank yourself for taking good care of your skin.

A large amount of sugar and simple carbohydrates provoke the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the body that are displayed on the skin.
The best friends for the skin are vegetables, yogurt, cereals, fish, and the right fats found in avocado, olive oil. They make the skin feel soft and supple.

Do not exclude fruits and vegetables from your diet that contain the necessary substances for the production of collagen by the body, and also protect the body from free radicals.

An insufficient amount of protein provokes the appearance of wrinkles on the face and dull skin.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, and the skin becomes dry, and microcracks appear on it. Such skin looks tired, flabby, and dull. Over time, cracks turn into deep wrinkles that make your face older. Therefore, try to drink as little as possible to maintain the health of your skin and give preference to quality wine.

Sleep quality
Sleep affects the functioning of all body systems, including on the skin. If you sleep insufficiently, this leads to health problems that lead to aging.
It is very important to sleep in the right conditions and use the correct body position. Make sure that the air temperature in the room where you sleep does not exceed +21 degrees. Ventilate the room before going to bed or sleep with the window open if you have such an opportunity.
Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position for preventing wrinkles.

This bad habit provokes a disease of the lungs, heart, raises blood pressure, and leads to rapid aging.

Smoking worsens metabolic processes in the skin, and the skin does not receive enough oxygen. As a result, pallor, dryness, and sagging skin appear.
Also, smoking is an enemy of collagen.

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