Washing your mouth with mouthwash can break your dreams to have the perfect shape of a body


You will be surprised, but washing your mouth with mouthwash can break your dreams to make your perfect shape of a body. According to the latest research that was published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, mouthwash harms your workouts and puts off your desired result. This all is nitric oxide. This is a substance that is in the circulatory system and delivers oxygen to our cells, including muscles. The greater the load on the body, the higher the level of nitric oxide, and it means your muscles will receive more oxygen.

Oxygen helps muscles recover and not tire for a long time. Therefore, the optimal level of nitric oxide is necessary for people who play sports all the time. Rinsing lowers nitric oxide and can cause microvascular disease

This does not mean that you must refuse to rinse your mouth forever, just do not do this before a workout. Scientists suggest that rinsing just before a workout can cause hypotension, but this remains a hypothesis and requires additional research.

But today we can say that mouthwash reduces the effectiveness of nitric oxide by 60-100%. If you cannot afford to go for a workout with stale breathing, then use another way to freshen your breath, such as chewing gum.  Include mouthwash in your daily routines only take into consideration your training time.

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