Do you want to live longer? Get a dog.


Do you still doubt you need a dog? Believe me – you need it. There are many reasons to have a dog, but recently scientists have discovered one more. The dog can save your life, namely to protect against a heart attack. Researchers have shown that dog owners die less often of a heart attack. The American Heart Association conducted this research. In addition to the American, a similar one was carried out in Sweden, the results of which were presented in the journal of the association “Circulation: Cardiovascular System Quality and Results”.

Картинки по запросу человек с собакой

US scientists revealed the negative effects of social exclusion and lack of physical activity on human health and combined the results with research that examined the effects of dogs on human life. During the study, scientists examined the medical records of patients who died of a heart attack or ischemic stroke in Sweden. As a result, they discovered an interesting pattern. It turned out that among the dying patients, there were just 5 percent of patients who had dogs, and the remaining patients were not dog owners.

Scientists claim the dog makes its owner move more, leave the house and be more active. Daily walks with a dog to improve your physical ability. But this is not the only plus in the content of the dog. Their unconditional love and endless affection will not let their owners get bored or get depressed. If you want to live longer and better, then go to a dog shelter and take a friend who will make your life brighter.

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