How to get rid of diastasis.


The birth of a child is the best event in the life of every woman. But not only your usual way of life is changing after your baby is born, but your body also gets some changes. Stretching the skin and being overweight are just a few types of changes, but you can deal with them through training and beauty treatments. After six months or a year, you can return to its previous form. But there is one unpleasant condition of your body, which is difficult to correct even with the help of hard workout. After carrying the baby in the body, the abdominal muscles undergo major changes and Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA) appears. This condition is difficult to determine, so many women perceive a bulge on the stomach as excess fat and try to get rid of it by adding exercises on the press.

Women spend many hours in the gym, but the hill on their belly does not want to leave them. This situation upsets women and they can become depressed. Doctors can explain the appearance of DRA and claim that every second woman encounters this problem after giving birth. According to doctors, after pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are divided into two parts and a line passes between them, which creates this hill on the abdomen. In other words, this is nothing more than damage to the muscles of abs, which could not adapt to the changes caused by pregnancy.

Women think that this condition has only a cosmetic defect, but in fact, DRA affects the functioning of the pelvic organs and can lead to the appearance of health problems. As a rule, this condition does not disappear without the aid of exercise. But if you use classical exercises to create cubes on your belly, they will not help you make your abs flat. The band that separates your muscles during the DRA is approximately 3 centimeters and may increase during exercise with weights. Therefore, to get rid of this hill on your belly, you should choose the exercises correctly.

How to determine that you have a diastasis.
You can independently determine whether you have diastasis or not. A simple test will help you, which is accessible to everyone and does not require a medical education. You only need to lie on the floor and relax. Then bend your knees. Slowly raise your head. After doing this exercise, lower your hands and lay them on your belly. Immerse your fingers below the navel and you should feel the muscles, if they are not there, then you have a diastasis.

The best way to get rid of the diastasis.
Once you are convinced that your muscles are damaged, proceed to correct the situation. To do this, you need a couple of special exercises that you complete in your main workout. 90% of cases of diastasis can be resolved through exercise, and only some cases require a surgical operation. It is also very important to visit a doctor before you decide to start the exercise.

Exercises that will help get rid of diastasis.
Many exercises return your muscles of the abdominal cavity to their previous state. But besides these exercises, you should perform exercises to strengthen the core, buttock, and thigh muscles. Only in the complex, you can quickly return the shape of your abdomen.

To combat diastasis, use such exercises as the plank in different versions, or bicycle, cat. Avoid exercises that strain the rectus abs muscle. A good option for fighting diastasis is swimming, Yoga, and Pilates.

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