9 Best Resistance Workout Bands, From $9 to $69


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Looking to do some more working out from home? It’s great do be able to just roll outta bed and get your reps in without having to leave the house. No more dealing with crowds and ridiculous subscription fees. But you do gotta take some things into account, like how much space you got to work with. And with the space you got, you gotta get gear that can fit.

One of the best items for working out at home is an item that can be used in any home and those are resistance bands. From the most lavish homes to the most compact apartments, you can use resistance bands anywhere you want. And now that the weather is getting warmer, you can use them outside as well as inside. They are amazing.

What are resistance bands? They are stretchy bands, usually made with rubber or even nylon, something stretchy and durable. You hook them up to a doorframe or something like that, or you use them on their own to help add more resistance to workouts. Hooking them up to door frames can even make them good replacements for free weights.

Using resistance bands is great for the convenience. You can do so many different workouts with them and you’re not just limited to upper body workouts. You can get the whole body going for a sick workout any day of the week. You’ll be getting nice and ripped just in time for beach season, all from the comfort of your own home.

The Kinds Of Workouts You Can Do With Resistance Bands

One of the best things about Resistance Bands is the variety they offer up in your home gym. It’s not like picking up a dumbbell where you’re only getting your arms worked out. You can do a whole bunch of different workouts and focus on different kinds of goals.

For example, you can use them to do the kinds of heavy-duty workouts needed for strength training. Heavy-duty resistance to really bulk those muscles up with bands that just won’t break. Or you can do lightweight training to sculpt your body. Even go for rehab workouts so you can come back from an injury to the best of your abilities. It’s even great for highly specific goals like training your arm to become a better pitcher in baseball.

Not to mention the amount of variety it offers you in the broad strokes of getting your home gym fully equipped for full-body workouts. You can do arm day and leg day without having to go to a different piece of equipment. If you’re new to the workout game, you can use them to assist you in doing pullups, so your whole body weight isn’t making it too difficult on you.

Whether you are working out your core or your arms or legs or you just want to stretch before you hit the road for a long run, resistance bands are hard to beat. They are incredibly durable and offer a variety of workout options hard to find anywhere else, especially for a home gym. So if you want to get a set for your home, check out the best resistance bands we have picked out for you guys below.

Types of Resistance Bands

With resistance bands, you pretty much have two options to work with. You got the ones that can be hooked up to a doorframe or a wall or whatnot, giving you more options to work with when it comes time to workout. Or you can get the free bands, smaller options that are to be used in tandem with other workouts to give them just a little more of a kick. The ones that get hooked up to something can be used in both ways, but the ones that don’t come with a hookup system and are to be used on their own are useful for only that kind of system. It all depends on what you’re looking to do. Build up the body or tone the body.

Average Price Range

One of the best things about resistance bands is that, for the most part, they don’t cost too much. You can find a lot of them for around $13 to $40. Some higher end ones can be grabbed at around $80 or thereabouts. But generally speaking, these won’t break the bank and will end up giving your home gym quite the range of workout possibilities. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

What Else To Look For

When it comes to picking up resistance bands for your home gym, you got a lot of options to work with. Like anything in the fitness world, there are a lot of options. So you gotta try to find the best. The ones that are affordable yet incredibly durable. Well made so you don’t end up getting hurt during a workout. And we have found some of the best out there for you guys. So all you gotta do is scroll on down to pick up the one that works best for you.

The Men’s Journal Pick For Best Resistance Bands: VEICK Resistance Bands Set

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