How to keep mental health during a lockdown and winter.


Winter brings long dark months that can cause depression in many people. Lack of sunlight and vitamin D make your mood worse. Plus, this winter has an additional negative factor that ruins your mood. COVID-19 has brought a lot of grief and stress to most people. Psychologists are concerned about the mental health of people around the world. They try to provide helpful guidance to help you get through these dark days.

Physical activity.
Even simple exercises can change your hormones system and make you feel better. Scientists have proven that regular physical activity triggers the release of endorphins, which are responsible for your mood and happiness. Exercise improves memory and concentration, reduces stress levels, and improves sleep quality. Scientists have conducted research and found that physically active people suffer less from depression and increased anxiety. Moreover, exercise improves your mood. Regardless of age, you can take advantage of exercise for your mental health and mood.

Control the flow of your thoughts.
The modern world requires you to solve many problems. Therefore, your brain works constantly even when you are resting. Over-thinking takes energy from you and makes your mood worse. So if you want to be happy, learn to stop your thoughts. Scientists recommend spending no more than 30 minutes thinking about the problem and finding ways to solve it.
You should find practical solutions to the problem during this time. If you spend hours and days thinking about a problem but don’t look for ways to solve it, you are captured by your thoughts. Thus, you become immersed in negative thoughts and lose your sense of happiness. You can learn to stop your thoughts and focus your attention on pleasant events that are happening around you.

Learn something new.
The feeling of newness gives you positive emotions. Therefore, you can set yourself a new goal, the achievement of which will please you. Your aim can be simple and small. Also, you should have fun in the process of achieving your goal and learn new information. For example, learning a new language, new cooking recipes, and so on brings a sense of novelty and triggers the release of pleasure hormones.

Social activity.
This advice can be resentful because you cannot follow it during a lockdown. However, social networks and modern technology keep you in touch with your loved ones and friends, even in isolation. Therefore, actively use the Internet to improve your social connections and make new contacts. Find online communities that suit you and take an active part in them.

Forget about ideals.
Many people have high expectations and wait for idealism from themselves and others. Such mistakes lead to nervous exhaustion and depression. Therefore, do not wait for the perfect moment, day, person. Enjoy everything you have now. If you want to try doing something new, do not wait for more knowledge and experience. Act now with the knowledge you have. The perfect moment will never come. You can always find a reason why now is not the right time for family, relationships, new jobs, and so on. Therefore, in a lockdown, you can find new ways to apply your knowledge or learn new skills.

Focus your attention on positive things.
Your energy focuses on where is your attention. Therefore, you should learn to notice positive moments every day. You can use a notebook where you write down all the good things that happened to you during the day. You must find at least three positives moments every day. You can read your notes in a few weeks, and you will be surprised how much good is happening in your life. If you are used to focusing on problems, you lose the ability to notice the beauty of life.

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