How to recognize early depression.


We used to think that depression is a depressed mood, detachment, and sadness. Unfortunately, these are signs of deep depression. As a rule, the first signs of depression appear much earlier, and many people ignore them, perceiving them as a bad mood.

Unfortunately, depression is an insidious disease that masquerades as everyday emotions. People ignore these symptoms and go to the doctor when the disease progresses. Therefore, doctors recommend paying attention to your emotional state and responding to chronic conditions. Early treatment is easier and faster. Therefore, do not wait for a feeling of deep sadness and hopelessness to absorb you; contact your doctor in time.

Early symptoms of depression.

Lack of free time.
The modern pace of life requires you to stick to a busy schedule. But a mentally healthy person knows how to make time for rest and hobbies. Total busyness, which leads to exhaustion, is a sign of a person with depression. As a rule, these people hide at work from internal worries and problems. Therefore, total immersion in work is a sign of a mental disorder, like depression and anxiety.

Sometimes people ignore the lack of emotion. Unfortunately, indifference and lack of any emotion is evidence of mental disorder and requires the help of a psychiatrist. Therefore, if you notice that nothing and no one causes you feelings of joy, anger, irritation, and others, then perhaps you start to feel depressed. A mentally healthy person experiences all emotions and can deal with them.

Sleep disturbance.
Sleeplessness or shallow sleep indicates mental health problems. Typically, you are tired during the day, but you cannot sleep in the night. These symptoms indicate the presence of an increased level of anxiety or depression. Ignoring these symptoms will exacerbate the situation and lead to deep depression.

Chronic headache.
Depression is often accompanied by painful sensations: headache, body aches, general weakness. Sometimes, depression has only a physical symptom, and people do not realize that their headache is a consequence of mental health problems. At the same time, constant pain leads to a worsening of the mental state.

Lack of responsibility for your life.
Depression affects the part of the brain that makes decisions. Therefore, people suffering from depression cannot make decisions and do not take responsibility for their lives.

Eating disorder.
Depression can manifest itself as a lack of appetite or transmission. Typically, people use food to drown out their emotions. Refusal to eat or fear of a certain product are signs of an unhealthy psyche.

Increased irritability.
Irritability is a natural emotion that all people experience sometimes. But if you notice that you are annoyed by a trifle such as too slow service, the voice of a colleague, or a friend’s facial expressions, then this is a sign that depression is close.

Tears without reason.
Depression turns every little annoyance into a big problem. Some people express their emotions through anger and some through tears. Therefore, the constant urge to cry is a signal that your psychological balance is disturbed.

If you notice that your condition interferes with your usual lifestyle and brings discomfort, then this is a reason to turn to a doctor. Don’t ignore any compulsive disorder that prevents you from living a fulfilling life.

Even small changes in how you feel can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, professional help can prevent serious problems. Be considerate of yourself.

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