How dangerous is coronavirus?


Since December 2019, only the lazy did not talk about coronavirus. For the first time, about this terrible virus learned in Wuhan, China, and then it quickly spread to other provinces of the country. A few days later, he turned around in different parts of the world. To date, more than 4,000 cases worldwide have been registered, which are confirmed by clinical studies.  CDC claims that the new virus poses a threat to health and calls for being vigilant. The Men’s Journal reports that California Infectious Diseases Expert Ramzi Asfour recommends no panic because only 5 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States. However, you should not be careless, stay tuned for official information to keep abreast of what is happening and it will minimize the possibility of contracting a dangerous virus.

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Is coronavirus different from other species?

If you look, then coronaviruses are a type of common viruses among people. Symptoms of a coronavirus are very similar to a common cold. In such cases, as with colds, people have inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. The new 2019-nCoV species is not the first coronavirus to emerge in recent years. Before this, MERS and SARS viruses were detected. These two viruses have a more dangerous effect on the human body and cause pneumonia.

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Coronavirus 2019 affects each person differently. If one lives through it in a mild form, the other may die. Also, the first symptoms of the virus can appear both on the second day after infection and two weeks later.

How does the virus spread?

2019-nCoV is not fully discovered. However, some studies confirm that it spreads by airborne droplets. The largest cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in China.  More than 10 countries all over the world have cases of virus infection. Unfortunately among them is the USA. In 4 states recorded cases of infection.

As reports this publication, 106 died from 4,515 infected.  In the rest of the world, deaths from coronavirus were not recorded.

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Expert Opinion

The main task of the authorities today is to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the country. In this regard, the rules for checking tourists who come from China have been tightened. The CDC plans to more thoroughly check travelers’ health when they entering to country. However, representatives of the CDC at a pre-conference said that they should not panic, as there is no great risk of the virus spreading rapidly throughout the United States.

At this time, Japan, Germany, and Vietnam registered human-to-human virus infections, as a result, the World Health Organization declares the risk of infection as “high.” and the CDC recommends refusing to travel to China.


Experts recommend take precautions:

  • washing your hands with soap as often as it possible;
  • do not to touch your face in public places;
  • avoid crowded places.
  • if you notice the first signs of a cold, you should stay at home and call a doctor.

Many people think that they will reduce the risk of illness if they wear a surgical mask. Nevertheless, experts are not sure about the effectiveness of this method. Such a mask should wear people who have symptoms of the virus. This will help protect healthy people from infection. Healthy people do not need them.

Also, experts recommend a good night’s sleep, take vitamins D and C, if you have a deficiency of these vitamins, and try to eat balanced.

These recommendations are suitable not only for the prevention of coronavirus but also for maintaining overall health.

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