How to recognize abusive person in your environment.


Relationship between people is a complex process and not all participants adhere to the rules. Some of them are used to expressing their feelings by insulting others. They shift their responsibility to a partner and blame them for their problems. Verbal abuse is just one tool with which people humiliate each other. In this way, they satisfy their ego. Nevertheless, there is a question – why partners tolerate this attitude and do not try to change the situation? Psychologists say many reasons why people suffer verbal abuse, but the most common reason is that some people do not realize that they are verbally abused.

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Abusers use sophisticated methods that apply at the right time. Their actions are not always manifested in a rude form. Verbal insults include the constant correction of the interlocutor’s speech, sloppy remarks, interruption of the interlocutor’s speech, and the dismissive form of words to the partner. Abusers use this form of insult as silence in family relationships. However, they may not talk with a partner for months. They use this method as a punishment and try to inspire their partner with guilty feelings about their problems.

Studies show that victims of abuse are accustomed to this attitude. The roots of this problem are hidden deep in childhood. For them, this is the norm and they perceive it as a routine thing. However, this dangerous path leads to great psychological problems.

Unfortunately, this type of violence is the most common and very difficult to prove. If physical violence has evidence, then verbal abuse often goes unpunished due to the lack of evidence of this unlawful act. But despite this verbal abuse does the same harm to human health as physical abuse.
Also, most victims of the insult believe that they have earned such an attitude by their actions and do not resist it. Thus, they agree with the offender and with his words.

In family relationships, an abuser can mask verbal abuse with a gentle tone of gentle behavior. Therefore, the victims forget the insult and continue the relationship with the abuser. Over time, their self-esteem decreases and the offender strengthens his methods of causing resentment. Often, victims justify their abusers. They may suggest that their partner is going through difficult times or simply could not restrain his emotions.

Are you sure, you are not verbally abused? You need to analyze communication with people who surround you and ask yourself some questions that will help you identify the abuser in your environment.

Signs of the abuser.
Offenders make up nicknames or names for you that you do not like, and they know about it, but continue to use it to you.

They use sarcastic or mocking words when speaking to you. They like to use these words when friends or other people surround you. Thus, he is trying to humiliate you in front of other people.

They joke on you, while these jokes are rude and offensive.

Public insult is their favorite insult tool. They do not hesitate to call you nicknames in the presence of relatives, friends, or colleagues.

If you hear threats from your partner, constant criticism even on trifles, if there is a scream in your relationship all the time, then you live with an abuser.

Quitting such a relationship is quite hard. But after you understand that next to you is a person who constantly inflicts verbal abuse on you, you will learn to resist it. You should contact a specialist who will help cope with your psychological problems, and you will have the strength to cope with your offender.

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