What are the benefits of nutritional yeast?


If you like to cook on your own, then you probably saw recipes for a healthy diet that contains nutritional yeast. Especially vegetarian cooking contains many recipes with nutritional yeast because they have many nutrients necessary for good digestion.

Nutritional yeast is not a new product. They have been used for a long time in all countries of the world. The plant basis of yeast makes them a useful product, even for those who eat only plant food.

Nutritional yeast can be in the form of 2 forms – flakes or powder. They are based on the same yeast as in baker’s yeast, but they do not contain live yeast. Food yeast producers use beet sugar or molasses. Then this mixture is dried, resulting in the deactivation of live yeast under the influence of high temperatures. Nutritional yeast, unlike their colleagues, does not contain gluten, so people who have a gluten intolerance can consume them.

Nutritional yeast gives the food a delicate aroma and rich taste, so you will not even notice that your food is prepared without dairy products or butter.


Nutritional yeast is a fairly low-calorie, high-nutrient product. As a rule, you can consume 2 tablespoons of yeast per day, which will give you 1% of the daily intake of sodium, 4-5 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, 2 grams of carbohydrate. By also adding nutritional yeast to your diet, you can help close the shortage of substances like folate, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and thiamine.

But the most valuable substance that is found in large quantities in food yeast is vitamin B12. Therefore, nutritional yeast is simply necessary for people who eat only plant foods. They will not be able to find a better source of B12 than nutritional yeast.

The effect of nutritional yeast on health.
In addition to protein and vitamin B12, nutritional yeast contains iron, potassium, minerals, antioxidants, and many more useful substances. But if brewer’s and baker’s yeast contains a protein that causes an increase in infection and inflammatory processes, then nutritional yeast does not cause them. Also, they contribute to the good functioning of the intestines, enhance immunity and, lower cholesterol, affect blood pressure positively. Many women use nutritional yeast to strengthen their hair and nails.

You may notice that the taste of nutritional yeast is similar to the taste of nuts or parmesan cheese. Therefore, you can add them to many dishes. Salades, cereals, sauces, desserts, and soups are suitable dishes. Nutritional yeast will fill them with aroma and unforgettable taste.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy nutritional yeast in a regular store. As a rule, they are sold in specialized stores that sell only dietary food. If your city doesn’t have such a store, you can find nutritional yeast on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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