How to restore physical shape and body stamina post lockdown.


Even though COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, people are starting to return to their normal life little by little. Sport is one of the elements of everyday life, which was forgotten by many people during the quarantine. If you’ve used your home workouts to stay in good shape, it will be easier for you to return to your normal workout routine. But, we warn you that returning to normal mode may have a few surprises if you did nothing during self-isolation. You can notice that your stamina is low, and you cannot do daily routine or do your daily activities like before quarantine.

But there is the good news – you can get your stamina back. COVID-19 has put many of you at home, and not all have the opportunity to exercise due to the lack of sports equipment or free space for training. Also, many of you are faced with the problem of compliance with the regime. Working from home has its advantages, but you need to have a high level of self-discipline to plan your day and allocate time to work, exercise, and rest. Unfortunately, the home environment disposes people to slow down and laziness.

Perhaps a leisurely lifestyle has relaxed you, and you feel tired after returning to your usual way of life. If you feel tired even after walking slowly, it means that your endurance has dried up. But, you shouldn’t be upset about it. Start taking simple steps that will return you to your previous shape, and you can restore your physical and emotional health.

Methods for increasing stamina

The human body is associated with the solar rhythm. Every process in your body depends on the time of day. Therefore, if you create a food intake schedule, it will be easier for your body to process food and take the necessary energy from it. Thus, your energy in your body is produced steadily, and you will not experience a breakdown. With the right nutritional system, your hormonal system will be in a balanced state, which will have a beneficial effect on your overall well-being.

The quality of the food.
Thanks to quarantine, most people have switched to homemade food. This is a big bonus for your health, since before quarantine fast food occupied a leading place in the nutrition system. Fresh homemade food is more nutritious and free of preservatives unless you add various mayonnaise and sauces. Even if you make pizza and hamburgers at home with fresh ingredients, they won’t do as much harm as the same food from a fast-food restaurant. Therefore, if you want to maintain your stamina at a good level, you need to choose fresh and healthy foods rich in nutrients. Your diet should contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Don’t forget about fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and others that fill your gut with beneficial bacteria. And you already know that the intestine is an organ in which immunity and your energy are formed.

If you often feel tired and low in energy, perhaps you are dehydrated. Plain still water is the best source of fluid in your body. You shouldn’t replace plain water with sugary drinks, which are high in sugar and drain your energy. Water plays an important role in blood circulation, heart health, and digestive system. If your body is dehydrated, your cells don’t get the nutrients and oxygen they need, and you feel tired. We also point out that caffeinated beverages can dehydrate your body, so keep them to a minimum.

Eat nuts and seeds.
Foods that are rich in the right fats and various micronutrients help keep your body working. A small handful of nuts or seeds every day affects your cardiovascular system, increases energy levels, and makes you feel full. The antioxidants of nuts and seeds scavenge free radicals from your body and give your cells a youthful appearance.

Regular exercise.
If you haven’t practiced your entire self-isolation period, then it’s time to start exercising. We warn you that you should not expect the results from the training that you received before the quarantine. Your body has become unaccustomed to strong physical exertion and it turns on protective functions while increasing the load now. Therefore, you should start exercising with less effort, and as your body adapts to this load, increase it. This way, you can return to your workout regimen within a month without putting your body under stress.

Although quarantine restrictions have become easier, you must follow the safety rules. Therefore, if you decide to return to social life, including training, you should not forget about the need to keep your distance and wash your hands often. If you are working out in the gym, make sure that all inventory is disinfected. Take care of your health.

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