Relationship crises: causes and stages.


Relationships are a process that requires constant development. The development path can have different stages, including crisis ones. Every couple faces relationship problems. Some of them pass this test and move to a higher level of relationship, and some couples break up and continue to live without each other.

Typically, a crisis comes when the situation changes, but the couple continues to interact in the usual way. At the same time, they do not understand that old patterns of behavior do not give a positive result in a new life situation.

The reasons for the emergence of crises in relations can be accumulated claims, dissatisfaction, quarrels, unfulfilled hopes, reproaches, different views on solving everyday problems.

A couple can go through a crisis phase in a relationship if both partners want to keep the relationship. Each couple solves their problems using a method that is comfortable for them. If a couple ignores problems and continues to live pretending that everything is fine, such a couple may break up shortly. Even if the couple continues to exist, each partner feels unhappy.

Psychologists claim that even happy couples face problems and go through crises. The main recommendation for such couples is to be patient and not commit rash acts based on emotions.

The main stages of the crisis in relationships.

Crisis after first sex.
Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship. If one of the partners does not get satisfaction in the couple, it leads to betrayal and the breakup of the couple. Very often, after the first intimacy, partners are disappointed in a partner and do not think about breaking such a relationship.

Living together.
In the modern world, more and more people begin to live together without marriage registration. On the one hand, this is a good period to understand whether you are suitable for each other. On the other hand, people often start to face everyday problems that are not as romantic as dating. Therefore, partners begin to quarrel and experience negative emotions.

The first year of marriage.
Even couples who lived together before marriage experience difficulties in the first year of formal marriage. Psychologists explain this by the fact that marriage is a high level of responsibility. And many people experience additional stress from this.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and difficult period for every woman. During this period, her body, hormonal system, psyche change. She becomes more emotional and vulnerable. Therefore, every word of a partner can cause tears, which leads to quarrels and claims.

Birth of children.
Even though the child is the fruit of love, a third person appears in your relationship, which requires attention and care. Thus, partners cannot give each other everything that they gave before the birth of the child. This situation can alienate partners and irritate them.

Growing up of children.
Unfortunately, many couples exist for children. When they grow up and leave home, partners cannot find common interests. Therefore, often each of the partners begins and live their own life and lose interest in each other.

Perhaps this is strange, but when one of the partners begins to engage in self-development, goes to a psychologist, this leads to a crisis. Such work changes a person, and the other partner cannot understand and accept these changes.

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