How to start a workout: cardio or weights


You decided to do sports seriously, but the question arose before you – how is it better to begin training? Start with a warm-up, and then you need to choose what will you do first: pump over the main muscle groups or do cardio. Most trainers recommend working with weights in the first part of the training, as you are full of strength and energy and can work more productively. But some studies show that not everything is so simple. Two groups of men of approximate age took part in one study. One group began training with working with weights, and the second alternated strength training with cardio, that is, they alternated sets.

Upon completion of the training, it turned out that both groups were tired, which means that the sequence of training does not affect well-being. But measurements were taken of the concentration of lactate in the blood and it turned out that those guys who alternated strength sets with HIIT had time to recover and energy consumption was less. The group that worked with weights spent more energy and this was a serious challenge for the body.

After the experiment, everyone agreed that it does not matter what to do first, it all depends on the goal you are pursuing, but if you want to make your workout as effective as possible, start it with cardio and alternate with strength exercises.

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