If you want to control your appetite, do sports


Diet is the most common way to achieve the desired forms. How many people lost in the battle with extra pounds? Each of us at least once but promised himself to go on a diet from Monday. But then not one Monday passed, and we still couldn’t moderate our appetite. This is the hardest fight that many have fought. But luck is on our side and new studies have shown that appetite can be reduced through exercise.

The results of the study were published in the journal Psychology of Health. According to Rebecca Crochiere, who was the initiator of this study, exercise within an hour significantly reduces the desire to eat, which reduces the risk of overeating by an average of 10%. And if the participants increased the workout by 10 or more minutes, then they forgot about food until the end of the day.

Everyone knows that to reduce weight, you must adhere to proper nutrition and exercise. But a new study focuses on the fact that nutrition and sport cannot be interchanged. The result of the experiment showed that it will be easier for people to reduce the calorie content of food if they add physical activity.

But the most interesting was that light workout is much more effective than high-intensity HIIT training. Many people do not like to do sports because it is very difficult, but this study gave them hope that now it is enough for them to engage in light types of workout, which everyone can do. Rebecca Crochiere claims that it is still necessary to carry out several additional tests, but all the same, this result shows that even light exercises will benefit your health.

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